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  1. A lot of you know me but today I want to talk about a friend of mine. A guy called Phil. Turns out a lot of you know him. He is the guy dressed as wonder woman and snow white raises money for the charity Muscular dystrophy his boy suffers from it. He has done a lot for the charity and his son . Late last year he had an injury, right arm badly damaged but he got better,late February he had a simple medical test that turned into surgery, still didn't,t stop the guy, IN early March he became ill but kept quiet .his wife took oldest boy to doctor appointment Phil became more ill ,violently sick
  2. water make up make up remover phone money tickets bits and pieces body spray and for my friend the guy who dresses as wonder woman for charity make up that I have bought but never used so I will give it to him and a lego kit for his son if you ever met his boy you would so fall in love with him
  3. well we timed it last night we had a dress rehearsal all 7 of us made sure our costumes looked good. then we timed how long to change clothes on average it took 18 minutes to change from costume to normal clothes and this doesn't take in the fact of removing hair pieces and make up so are people going to be happy when we go to change and we tie up a toilet stall for just short of 2 and a 1/2 hours
  4. 2 crazy ideas 1 will each entrance have the barriers like last yea this made it so easy 2 as you come off the train could you have people with signs pointing the way would help crowd control and queen sindel check your e mails wonder woman has got back to you
  5. Will there be changing facilities provided? Last year we had to change in the toilets which would tie up a stall and those who really had to go had to wait So if 4 people decide to change out of costume before going home and there are 2 stalls they could be tied up for a while please advise
  6. so he shouldn't wear the costume or wear a costume for his gender insert very dirty word how about if its decent and looks okay he should do it and not to be bullied I hope the rest of you who looked at this have better ideas for him and anyone else who is doing cosplay . Lets make it a bully free zone and allow him and others to enjoy there day we don't know why they may wear a costume maybe you should ask instead of assume please Sorry mini rant over oxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  7. Well a little while ago I asked if everyone would treat this gentle man better then he was treated last year Almost all of you said sure we can do that One group asked him to join them in charity work they do in costume I won't name them they came out and saw our wonder woman doing a charity collection at a train station and told him he was not what they were looking for and that he should not dress as wonder woman as he looks nothing like her I Cosplay you may want to look at this Last week o he was receiving thanks from HRH Prince Philip at St James palace for al
  8. Last year I was at the summer LFCC and met a lot of people made new friends and met up with old friends One of my friends is the guy who dresses as wonder woman to raise money for muscular dystrophy something his son suffers from . He is really nice guy, last year he was not treated very well. Please read last years " why did this happen " for details. I have met up with him recently and asked him to come back this year He has agreed, I don't want anything from anybody but I do want him to enjoy the show and have a good time Queen Sindel if you are there this year he would lo
  9. Hello this is what I like to see , thank you he will be wonder woman or ready for it snow white, if you see him go up and say hi as snow white in just 3 collections he has raised over 5000 pounds for this event he has already raised over 105 pounds in fundraising --- so well done oxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  10. Hello everyone Most of you know me, and I will be at the Cardiff event. I am meeting a friend, some of you know him, he is the guy who dresses as wonder woman to raise money for the muscular dystrophy. He is a bit nervous about this show. He will either be coming in as wonder woman or the new costume that he has. (see the LFCC Forum "why did this happen") to see why he is a bit nervous and a bit scared. I think the Cardiff show can show him a better time and treat him much better. If you see him just go up and say hi, that's it. If you want a picture then ask and then take it.
  11. stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment will they or won't they will parking be free will mc donalds still be there does joanie love chachie where Richie and the fonz I can't wait same bat time same bat channel
  12. does anyone have a phone number for them I keep getting the ticket phoneline?
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