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  1. Never been to LFCC before, so just wondering how many more talks people expect to be paid as opposed to free? Having been to Newcastle Comic Con the last two years, they've only had one paid talk the entire time (James Marsters this year), all the rest have been free. Do you think that they've announced all the paid talks now (unless they announce another mega guest) and the rest will be free, or do they charge for the majority at LFCC?
  2. Brilliant as a Doctor Who fan! Any idea if there's a typo - every other guest seems to be the same price for an autograph or a photo, whereas Catherine is showing a £5 difference...?
  3. Gonna wear my Walking Dead tshirt to meet Emily Kinney. I'm cosplaying and was gonna wear it under my jacket, but based on the comments on here I'll probably wear a different tshirt, and get changed into it (possibly with some added deodorant) before I meet her!
  4. We had the same first crush! Genuinely don't know how I'm going to manage to talk to her normally and not come accross like a mumbling creep!
  5. Anyone from the main cast of Arrow, Flash or SHIELD please!
  6. I love going to the cons for the atmosphere primarily, and the talks - meeting individual guests for photos or autos is secondary, so generally only have a couple of main ones I want in advance, then see how the mood takes me on the day. So far I've got the following booked: Neve Campbell - photoshoot booked - massive fan of her when I was a teenager from Scream, The Craft and WIld Things, total teenage crush and never imagined I'd get the chance to meet her - will blatantly just be mumbling my words when I meet her! Emily Kinney - photoshoot booked - TWD is in my top 3 favourite shows, and she's the biggest guest there from it - although hopefully not too late to add others! My girlfriend is a massive Harry Potter fan so she has a photoshoot booked with Michael Gambon. Ones I might decide to get a photo or autograph from nearer the time are Kurt Angle, Jessica Henwick, Charles Dance, David Bradley, John Ratzenberger and Kristian Nairn.
  7. I hope they announce what role she has in The Force Awakens soon, or some indication if she's a major character or little more than an extra - would be nice to be able to say you'd met one of the Star Wars actors before they became really famous! And also feeds into whether to get something GoT or SW related signed...
  8. Kurt's on my 'if I have money left on the Sunday then I'll get my pic with him' list!
  9. I'm not particularly a fan of the Alien series, but I know so many who are, and Sigourney is iconic for them! I love Ghostbusters, but not to the extent I would pay that much for her autograph, but great guest for those who will!
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