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  1. I'm sorry but to think they don't keep this sort of thing back is ridiculous. Same thing last time when Robert llwelynn cancelled, a week before the event he announces on Twitter he will be filming all next week in, I think it was, Italy, so myself and a lot of others messaged on the forum and Facebook to check if he had cancelled. To be told no he hasn't cancelled only for it to be "announced" the night before.
  2. Sorry should have been clearer the event has become a joke. Not as big a joke as using the threat of terror in a conversation about wether a doctor who guest has turned up or not
  3. This is a joke 15 minutes till doors open and there is about 30 people here and 28 of them have come for him
  4. Tregaurd from knightmare would be awesome.
  5. Will there be a group ewok photo
  6. Ok ok, we love showmasters, I get that, but he is right 4 none comic guests, one which is Sunday only is a pretty poor show. And yes there is 3 months left, but that's what uncle pigg is saying, you've got 3 months to sort it, give us a push.
  7. Stopped there this year, it was spot on
  8. Anymore TV guests coming soon, trying to convince my friends to come with me. But they want more guests
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