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  1. The Void (a masterpiece which so few people seem to have heard of)
  2. Wow... Those are the best photos of our Zelda cosplay trio from the whole weekend.
  3. I'm Anthony and I live in Milton Keynes, so I've had the chance to visit Collectormania MK for a while and I have gone in costume to the last three. In my 'real' life, I am a writer and former game-developer; I've written for some games you have never heard of and designed games you might know from other media, but I've also done a fair amount of writing about games too. My wife is the local Oxfam manager and runs their stall at Collectormania, so I suppose I go there to be supportive as well as to show off my costume-making skills.
  4. The version I had heard is that Toyota were using the hall on Monday and had suddenly realised that they needed the weekend to set up, so the geeks and sports-fans lost out to a large multinational car company. You may have noticed that Toyota were also taking up a couple of car-parking areas for their half-dozen cars...
  5. The Good: Getting a chance to cosplay with my wife and daughter was great and there were a lot of supportive remarks. Picking up a comic I had been after for ages was another high-point. There were so many people who, despite the heat, were being polite and seemed honestly happy to see cosplayers and especially child cosplayers. The Bad: The heat and the humidity, not to mention the smell of people affected by the heat and humidity, were an issue. It was almost made worse by the fact that there were so many open areas where you suddenly got cold. And the press of people was not easy for someone carrying a sword and shield, especially the number of rude people who would force their way past you and push children out of their way; I have no idea how that Jupiter Ascending cosplayer got through the weekend with her impressive costume. Hey, I'm a little more than 20 and I'm still getting excited about CMMK 24 already. If it happens in November, expect me to be even more excited.
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