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  1. Hi We were video'd in the park down the road from the eventby I think a person from Showmasters? Any idea where any photo/video uploads would be? I'd assume they would be busy uploading them but I can't seem to find anything? I'm sure I found a page before Anyone get pics taken by them? :) Oh I was Snape on the Sunday and someone on here said hi to me but I'm not sure who it was so hey!! It was a great day albeit my cape trailing was a nightmare haha
  2. Just got a reply from him on Twitter he's coming and his book price is possibly £13 :) I'm @Th3Whit3Shad0w on Twitter :)
  3. Attempts to blow out candles Damn mask!! Happy Belated Birthday Lord Vader!
  4. Is there not a Winter Collectormania? I thought I'd been to one??!! I can see that the football schedule of the Mighty MK Dons would play havoc scheduling such an event
  5. Any updates :) Sitting in the Throne of Guitars because its freeee and well Snape just would, wouldn't he?
  6. Hi everyone Just to bump up this group a bit It will become a Harry Potter Cosplay group after the event :)
  7. I think the confusion came from someone saying he was coming on behalf of organisation X but he's now coming under organisation Y so he's still coming but effectively he'd 'cancelled his appearance' with one group Does that make sense?
  8. hi Is Chad Hardin cancelled? I heard he had but the page says he's still attending Thanks
  9. Hahah 1 outta 3 ain't bad I'll just keep looking out for info :)
  10. I agree that its never the cosplayers fault. Ok flesh doesn't help matters but the bottom line is this is wrong. Even if you were 'fully clothed' for want of a better expression some creep can still grope you etc so what you're wearing/not wearing doesn't really matter. I think there is a responsibility on all of us to be vigilante of others that are there and watch out for one another. We're all there to enjoy the show and if we spot anything we should all speak up and challenge these creeps!
  11. We're planning a Harry Potter cosplay meet on the Sunday if anyone wants to join in the meet :) You don't have to be in Harry Potter cosplay just come and have a chat :) The plan is to meet around 1ish close to entrance (details to be finalised) I've set up a Facebook group below so join it for up to date info :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/884575741637517/889081967853561/?comment_id=889083064520118&notif_t=like Cheers guys, girls and muggles!
  12. Have there been details announced about the guitar competition :) Also is it true the Throne of Guitars will be there and if so is it free to sit on
  13. My Severus Snape cosplay on the Sunday i'll be bringing a book to get signed
  14. As per my post I live in Wellingborough but travelling from Bedford Station as it's much much cheaper!! Trouble is woking the underground due to the closures Where are you changing etc (original poster seeing as we'll be on a similar route)
  15. At least you're looking to do something about it unlike other organisers!!! It's a tough one because people buy tickets then can't always go so the only thing they can do is give the tickets away or I guess sell them Maybe there is a limit already but 4 per customer or something? or order? It makes it awkward for big groups but could cut down the number of tickets bought? Spot checks is a good idea but if tickets have been bought as gifts potentially the people turning up won't have ID relating to the booker? E tickets can be sent to a 1000 people so buying one of these is extremely risky, maybe its better having proper tickets or wristbands or something rather than having some hard tickets early on then e tickets after X amount have been sold, this is likely more costly (well it is I know haha) Buying back tickets is a good idea so in theory the only tickets for sale on ebay would be touts looking to cash in..... Also loads of people (me included) have missed out on tickets so if people 'sell them back' then we have an option of getting lucky last minute It might be worth having a counter on the page showing how many tickets are left? This might spur people (me definitely included) to buy their tickets much sooner when they start to dwindle down :) (Sorry long post!!)
  16. It's extra hassle isn't it! :) I want the quickest possible route or at least one with fewest changes. I might just get off at St Pancras and head along from there Where are you coming from?
  17. ohh that's alotta time :) I'm just making a book and somewhere to put my wand when I get 5 minutes :)
  18. Hey Is anyone travelling down from Bedford train station. I'm going down on Sunday so I was just wondering what route people were taking due to the line closures over the weekend?
  19. Hey Is anyone travelling down from Bedford train station. I'm going down on Sunday so I was just wondering what route people were taking due to the line closures over the weekend?
  20. Fortunately not meeeee :) just at the point where I have nothing to do so I'm basically pressuring myself to make something haha
  21. Hi everyone Are there any cosplay guests attending? Is there a list of where they can be found maybe a link? :)
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