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  1. Look at the opening few sentences. When has there ever been so many obvious typos / added letters? I'm going to crack this. My initial guess, thinking to how MASSIVE guests work in attending things like there is this will be someone in London around July from a movie who is already in/around Europe and I'm looking at 'Ghostbusters'. Then we have 'Star Trek Beyond'. And 'Jason Bourne'. And looking and hot...on target....ugh, I don't know. Looking into things and thinking far too hard here. Hmmm. My guesses are Chris Hemsworth - Chris Pine - Matt Damon. Calling one of them.
  2. Guessing games? Silhouette with a ? in it? Not Christoph Waltz is it? Our current Blofeld? Lots of guessing is he/isn't he when SPECTRE came out.
  3. Just have to shout out how AMAZING Jack was on Saturday. For just £10 an auto, he sums up what every guest should be who attends these things. Like Harry Waters Jnr last year, and Shane Rimmer this year, Jack was so nice and friendly, shared little stories about the films he was on, was more than happy to personalize a pic, have a photo and just really make the experience worth the money you choose to spend. I know lines get busy for big guests but I have experienced a very "rushed" time when you feel you're on a conveyor belt and the money, which I feel you pay half for the privilege to be up close and personal to a favorite star for those few seconds. I know they aren't obliged to do anything, but they know what they are doing when they take the paycheck to attend a convention. I know people don't like big queues, but for your hard earned cash you feel a few seconds isn't going to harm anyone. Mr Klaff was superb and I hope can return for future cons as he must be a fan favourite and a hidden gem.
  4. As a ticket is valid for "one person", and you account for "two people" with your daughter, then I assume rules would be your daughter would also need a photo ticket.
  5. Photoshoots with Nick Frost and Billy Dee Williams - them and the others in my sig are who I'm hoping to grab an autograph from. Looking forward to it and seeing everything come together! :)
  6. Sorry - me again, hi - to clarify, is all this going to be in one location, the main hall? I only did my first LFCC Summer last year so doubt it would be as spread over 3 floors and many rooms! Just checking.
  7. Are those on the 'Stage' giving talks, I see Billy Dee Williams is on Sunday - is this a talk he's giving?
  8. Let's not forget this LFCC was marketed as a 'Star Wars' celebration, so all these extras and bit players are there to represent the 'Star Wars' factor, which they need with the lack of big named guests to back up their promotion.
  9. Well this is a shame. Far too late for another big name to help replace the evident void lost with him not being here.
  10. How is that a 'MOS' complaint? It's a fair observation that Superman could literally kill Bruce Wayne, a mortal, with one punch if he wanted to in a fight. OBVIOUSLY he won't for the sake of the franchise, but it'll be interesting seeing how Superman has to show restraint when he is up against it.
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