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  1. Looks like manchester is dead - Pretty bad considering this was going to be one of the 3 big UK shows along with Brighton (also apparently dead) and london
  2. They have combined it with the play expo at event city in early october 2017
  3. I enjoyed both, go with the 100 first and then lost girl
  4. With events now showing until October 2017, it is not looking good from Cardiff Spring 2017 or Manchester 2017. If Showmasters is not bothering with these anymore then please tell us, or tell us they are happening but you are still in talks with venues etc. Manchester was supposed to be one of the big 3 UK showmasters events.
  5. Cons for 2017 are starting to appear on the site, out to Sheffield in August 2017, but no sign of the spring Cardiff Con or the Manchester Con that is normally in May. What is happening to these two cons? Manchester was supposed to be one of the big 3 showmasters cons along with London and Brighton.
  6. Maya Stojan is the tech girl Tory in Castle. She is at brighton. She also starred in Marvel agents of shield.
  7. The link from the photoshoot page links out a a locked screen for the spring 2015 cardiff event - no one can by any photoshoots at the moment
  8. James masters and claudia christian - they are at newcastle, Manchester isn't that far away :)
  9. can we get Claudia Christian to fill James Masters' spot
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