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  1. would ne great of could. will check nearer time didnt realise this wouldnt have been discussed/decided already.
  2. Hi... are we able to collect passes etc on Thursday?
  3. More Lucifer guests please. including the Devil himself 👹👹👹
  4. Nathan Fillion defo agree and Maggie Smith met Hayley couple years ago at LFCC she was lovely. and as for FRIENDS cast i would be so hyper i dont know i could take it 😍😍😍😍would love---- David Tenant and James Spader and Grant Gustin and Tom Cavanagh too and and criminal minds cast members 😁😍😍😍😁😁😁
  5. True that could be said for normal price tickets that sell out... could it not and for diamond packages need id for collecting so cant resell those.
  6. i can see both sides, yes. Just thought i'd ask the question. Maybe an option could be idlf you buy say 3 photo tickets at one time, the 2nd and 3rd have a discount of some sort? say £10/£15 off. Not sure if that would be do-able. And yeah ---- who wants their photo to have a random in it lol
  7. is there any chamce that the photo op tucket policy is reviewed? other events allow up to 2 adults and 2children in same shoot with only one photo ticket needed. all must have entry ticket but only 1 photo ticket if all in same shoot.
  8. Using my phone so not so easy to see and tbh only really used for comments etc didnt know about all that so thanks. 😀
  9. ohhh thanks for letting me know. would have been nice to get heads up as i just thought had been deleted and felt deflated.
  10. Got my gold pass for me and husband. looking forward to it. On a side note I posted a picture of a Flash christmas tree decoration my husband made me. I think must have been deleted by mods...sorry it wasnt allowed i didnt realise. it wasnt offensive or anything so didnt realise it was wrong. just wanted to share my excitement but bubble well burst now. but again apologies so doubt I will post again on forums as I really am not clear whats allowed etc.
  11. Bing250

    The Flash

    Thanks 😀 just need to get a nicer ribbon.. he just used what we had so he could show me it.
  12. Bing250

    The Flash

    sorry if off topics but so happy!!! my husband made me this Flash christmas tree decoration!!!
  13. Any Fringe cast esp John Noble Any FRIENDS cast. Lucifer cast Grant Gustin Tom Cavanagh of course David Tenant Blacklist.... James Spader Gabriel Macht - SUITS cast
  14. i regret getting a photo with Famke and Steven Berkoff #wasteofmoney #horrific
  15. awwww gutted more for my niece who I was taking to see her. awww will still have a fab time tho and she is dressing up as Harley Quin .. her first comic con. 😀
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