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  1. the blakes 7 fans group on facebook has just said that he has passed away
  2. any chance of a liverpool event?
  3. i'll proably just get a photo as got his auto a few times,last time at manchester bookshop signing last year
  4. will he be doing a shoot with nana as they were both in torchwood miracle day?
  5. will we get a venue map of where things are beforehand?
  6. paul darrow,any blakes seven cast,wendy padbury,lots of dw guests
  7. bus to trafford centre(right next door to eventcity) from piccadilly gardens bus station(short walk down hill from train)or if you wanted to go via mediacity tram to there,then bus or walk(there are plans to extend tram to trafford centre at some point) i don't live in manchester but know area as have family there i stay at for manchester events
  8. much better then mk dons,better guests,talks as well as autos and stalls,lot easier for transport(bus stop to town,just outside or you could go via mediacity and metrolink)
  9. will there be tardis set photos?
  10. with manchester 2 weeks before and with more dw guests and nearer to me,i won't be doing milton keynes
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