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  1. Elizabeth Webster is Sunday on here but her announcment says Saturday only?
  2. I would like to see the cast from The Good Place... or any Rogue One main cast! :-)
  3. For me, Zachary is the biggest guest at LFCC this year. I’ve wanted to meet him for a good 10 years! So pleased I finally get the chance! :-)
  4. Do we know where Zachary’s photos will be squeezed each day on the schedule?
  5. I’m gutted she’s only there Friday. I would’ve loved to meet her :-( Hopefully, there’ll be another time
  6. Is Bella Ramsey still on for Saturday? Can’t see her name anywhere for the photo shoots..?
  7. I cant see any photos available for LFCC in the store... Something is not right... Hmmm
  8. I love getting posters signed. That always my first choice when I do get a new autograph. If I could work out how to get pictures on here I would share my favourites!
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