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  1. Is there any chance of the ‘guest days/prices’ thread being updated to show only those who have reconfirmed currently?
  2. Ok, looking at who I still need on autographed items... Sarah Michelle Gellar Seth Green Daniel Dae Kim Alexa Davalos Gina Torres Richard Madden Any of those big Game of Thrones first timers or rarities... Kit, Emilia, Nicholaj... oh god the GoT list is still too big! All the GoT cast please :-)
  3. It was a lot of fun! Sam seemed to be a great sport with it all and the photos turned out looking really good! It's quite a conversation piece when you show people!
  4. Still waiting for the one describing me.... I'm going to have to talk to more people and be more charming!!
  5. The other bids shouldn't be seen. You should put down a price that you think the item is worth and your bid should be put in a sealed box. That way nobody is being 'priced out' as such.
  6. Where is the commentary going to be held? At Earls Court, nearby or will there be travelling involved?
  7. I'm thinking maybe a live episode commentary...? Permission would be needed to have a public screening..? Maybe...
  8. Unless they were costumed.... I which case permission would be needed to use the characters likenesses...?
  9. I have emailed the info address twice and had no response.
  10. I placed an order on the 9th and have still not been charged or had a notification email telling me that it didn't go through. Is it safe to assume now that it's not going to go through? I had an LFCC photo in the order too and I would like to know if I need to re-order or not! Thank you
  11. How long does it typically take SM to take the money from your account?
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