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  1. They pretty much said on Twitter no Winter event. A bugger but at least I now have some spare holiday dates to swap around if I wanted. I'd say Spring is also possibly looking a little iffy but we'll have to see.
  2. I think my only slight negative (and it is very slight) is that you had to go to the main entrance to get your hand stamped for re-entry (or at least that was the case on Sunday). Would have been far more convenient to have this available at all the exits. But apart from that nit-pick this has probably been one of my favourite events of the year so far. On Saturday I came with a friend for her first time and she really enjoyed herself and would love to come back again. Jeremy Renner is one of her heroes so she was so pleased to be able to get a photo with him. She even had to sit down for a little while after coming out of the photo area XD On Sunday I was with another friend who only decided to come last minute after not enjoying herself at all last year. But she told me she was really glad that she did decide to give LFCC another chance because it was a great day. Brilliant show!
  3. I am so sorry you got let down here I hope it actually does come and you can wear it to another con sometime because it would be amazing to be Queens of Camelot with you.
  4. Offered my sunscreen to another cosplayer when we were in the sunshine outside and held a bit of her wig out of the way as she applied it. And standing aside and letting people pass before me because I wasn't on an especially tight schedule. Also huge shout out to the two absolute gents who carried my suitcase up the stairs on Sunday when I was struggling with that and my nightmare chiffon dress. I don't even know why I didn't think of using the lifts, I was so uncharacteristically frazzled that morning. I was so grateful, you are utter diamonds.
  5. Black bin liner is really good, and you can use more than one to wrap around big props. Though I presume you'll have to bring it back through public transport as well? In which case you'll have to remove the bin liner carefully and keep it in your bag or something until you have to leave again. I tend to carry a small roll of tape with me when I have to do that as well, just to help secure it all.
  6. Brilliant! I adore lady Doctors and I just love the suit you've got! (and with all these Musketeer guests I'm starting to wonder if I can whip up a Lady Aramis within a month - as parts of my male version need some big overhaul which I won't get done in that time)
  7. lol do it I don't think he's going to quiz you on it XD
  8. Aw man I have about 80% of an Aramis cosplay but I'm saving it until LFCCW. Don't think I'd get it done by July anyway.
  9. Everything crossed for you!
  10. I think I'll be able to go on Saturday. Most likely though I was going to ask about the masquerade soon! I'll keep an eye out after Milton Keynes :)
  11. I saw the dress going back in the thread, it looks gorgeous!! Do you know what day you're wearing it?
  12. I'll be doing this JUST STARTING NOW OH GOD WHY
  13. Kind of ran out of steam with it around the middle of series 4 but I still enjoy it!
  14. Funny someone else should mention BBC Musketeers, I was going to attempt Aramis. You know, time and money permitting.
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