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  1. Okay then. Here we go. Wrestling guests MARTY SCURLL, PETE DUNNE (WWE UK CHAMPION) Progress wrestling, Tyler Bate, Jimmy Havoc, Trent Severn,Will Osprey, Mark Andrews, Gail Kim, Aj Lee, Neville. Film & T.V. guests Manu Bennett, Ron Paulson, Maurice Lamarche, Tara Strong, Mark Hamill, Lord of the rings cast Malcom McDowell ANY VOICE ACTORS FROM WITCHER III
  3. Excited to go to the Con in a few weeks but was just wondering about one thing. Will there be any Prop, Set or Green Screen Shoots? Loved it when the Iron Throne was at the con and would love to get another photo of my new cosplay in it. Has anything been announced at all or have I skimmed past it?
  4. Gangrel Manu Bennett Wentworth Miller Sarah Louise Madison Cody Rhodes Only Fools and Horses cast Derek Jacobi Batman the Animated series Voice actors Troy Baker (The last of us, Batman) Dragonball voice cast
  5. That's fantastic. I'm really looking forward to meeting him. LOVE ANYTHING X-MEN RELATED
  6. The Crow is one of my favourite comic book movies. Really want to meet her
  7. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA????????????? They had DAN SLOTT last year and now the cancel it???
  8. http://www.menkind.co.uk/stealth-archery-set Here is the one I have. The Arrows are sticky like the ones you get on kids bows :)
  9. Wrestling guests please. NXT, TNA, WWE, ROH, NJPW, WCPW, ICW, ALL STAR Rhys Ifans Matt Ryan Arrow or Flash Guests Only Fools and Horses Blackadder Bonnie Langford X-men animated series voice actors
  10. I am planning on attending this March as Disney/Zombie survivor and was wondering if anyone could tell me about the weapon rules. For my Guns i'd make sure they have the orange tip or is a nerf gun but what about Bow and Arrows? I have a Black plastic one that I bought from Menkind a while back. Would this be ok to bring to the convention??
  11. Would love some wrestling guests. Past, present or future :) -Matt Ryan -Only fools and Horses guests -Harry Potter -Flash/Arrow/Legends -Breaking Bad -Vicious Cast
  12. Hey Everyone. I know it's late but only now got wifi. I just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the event in August and it felt so good to go to a con further away from home. I managed to record Sunday's masquerade and made a Music video for you all to enjoy.
  13. See you Sunday man. I'll be bring my camera too so I may just be pestering people for photos haha
  14. I might just have to meet him cause the mighty morphing movie was my childhood
  15. Just finished packing for my tour of Alice in Wonderland and got my ticket ready for Sunday. I'm very excited for this con but unfortunately there was no room to fit any of my cosplays into the case. No cosplay for me at the con but I may just bring my Sonic Screwdriver just to feel like I fit in. Looking forward to seeing everyone there :) See you Sunday
  16. Yes I am but I'm getting into practise for the several early mornings when I start my new job. I'm really looking forward to this now. Gonna get my white rabbit gear out again. May be a few changes but hey ho 😊😊🌹
  17. Must save money.....................................BUT I WANT TO MEET PEOPLE HAHAHA
  18. Knowing me I'll probably end up buying more than I can carry. Got to stop myself from buying funko S haha
  19. Thank you both. I'm staying at Braehead travelodge so I will probably walk down at 8:50. Plenty of time then 😊😊
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