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  1. I share all my autographs on FB (I don't do photo ops usually). Some of my friends think it's cool and the rest just scroll past. In my family I'm lucky that my partner and I are equally obsessed with comic cons and will happily go and spend a grand over a comic con weekend. Our daughter and her boyfriend also enjoy joining us sometimes so it's a family thing for us. :)
  2. Okay, so, came home with 19 autographs this weekend (no photo ops because that's not my thing) and every single guest experience was a good one, several were exceptional, which was amazing. Good experiences: Michael Shanks - very friendly and happy to chat speculation regarding future Stargate possibilities. Joe Flanigan - didn't have a long converstaion with him but he was friendly and polite. Tom Felton - he looked tired when we got to him Sunday afternoon, bless him. Still smiley and friendly. Gina Torres - I was a bit intimidated so I think any lack of conversation was 100% on my side. She was very friendly and polite. Shazad Latif - super nice guy. Very friendly and polite. Jemma Whelan - very sweet and friendly. Kirk Acevedo - lovely guy. Friendly and chatty. Exceeded Expectations: Jason Momoa - I know very well what he's like during autos but we got a hello, a smile and fist bumps. More than we expected so we went away quite happy. Joe Picardo - I don't know what I expected but he was soooo nice and really funny. Jason Isaacs - wow. Such a lovely lovely man and so happy to talk. Had a wonderful conversation with him. Adam Baldwin - much nicer and more chatty than I expected. We had a fantastic conversation about how his Detective Slaughter character in Castle should turn up in The Rookie and he loved the idea. David Morrissey - we had an awesome conversation about his new show Britannia (which is amazing!). He's super passionate about it so it was great to talk to him about it. Lennie James - love love love him! We had an amazing chat to him about his time filming Jericho. Walter Koenig - been trying to meet him for ages so this was very special for us. Absolutely lovely man. Fun chat to him about how he's sometimes made mistakes when doing autos. We all laugh and then he proceeds to make a mistake on ours! He happily did a new one for us and underlined the correction. Leslie Easterbrook - after missing her at another con recently we were so pleased to have another chance to meet her. Such a lovely woman. Super friendly and chatty and really cheeky! Her queue was always miles long because she gave every single person absolute undivided attention. Matthew Lillard - I totally fangirled and went mute. Luckily my partner was still capable of speech. He was amazing and I only wish I hadn't lost my nerve. He took his time with everyone and I think he was (deservedly) one of the best loved guests this weekend. Robert Carlyle - my second fangirling incident of the weekend. Luckily we managed to talk to him a bit and ask him about the Trainspotting sequel. He plays a lot of intimidating characters on screen but he is the absolute sweetest and a total gentleman in real life. Val Kilmer - knowing his health, we never really expected to be able to meet him this weekend (especially just on VQ's) but we bagged a decent number on Sunday morning and waited around all afternoon, in case he came back after not being too well. We were just about to give up when he came back out and the wait was instantly worth it. So many of his movies meant the world to me as a child (Willow was even the first movie I ever saw in the cinema) and I honestly feel that he is a true legend. Lourdes Faberes - she was the absolute sweetest. Very passionate about Good Omens so it was wonderful to talk to her. We had brought a picture of her as Pollution with us, just in case, but, although she had one there that we liked, she insisted on signing our one for free too. Jamie Hill - fantastic guy and loved talking about Good Omens. We got so involved in chatting with him and having selfies that we walked off and left our autographed picture there. We realised about 15 minutes later and quickly went back and ended up chatting to him for a while again.
  3. I bottled it a bit with Matthew. Out of the 20 or so guests I met this weekend, only Robert Carlyle and Matthew had me properly starstruck. So, I grinned like an idiot and stood there mentally facepalming. He was lovely though, so happy and smiley and taking his time with every single guest. One of the highlights of the weekend for me, even if I couldn't say my words.
  4. I didn't go to speak to her as I never finished watching OUAT but I was in queues nearby a few times and she seemed so smiley and friendly with everyone (so different to everything I've heard about her) and my god is she stunning in real life!
  5. I don't often get starstruck these days but it happened with Robert. Did manage to chat to him about the Trainspotting sequel but I went completely blank on everything else I'd wanted to say.
  6. Jason Isaacs exceeded all my expectations. He was absolutely lovely, sooo chatty and friendly. We had a really wonderful experience meeting him.
  7. I was going to Collectormania this weekend solely to see him, which is gutting, but at least he'll be at London!
  8. I don't have words to express how excited I am over this announcement! Thank you SM!!
  9. There is a cosplay/costume maker guest I'd love to see at LFCC. Her name is Alexis and she is the owner of The Crooked Feather. She's very well known for her amazing animatronic wings. Website is here: http://www.thecrookedfeather.com/portfolio/
  10. I have been following Kamui on FB and instagram for ages and I'M NOT EVEN A COSPLAYER! That's how insanely awesome she is, her work appeals to everyone. I love seeing how she makes her costumes (her work with lighting in her weapons and armour is amazing). If anyone could motivate me to actually attempt to start making a cosplay costume, if would be her. I'll definitely be buying some of her books if she has them with her.
  11. Ryan Robins (Battlestar Galactica, Sanctuary, Stargate Atlantis, Falling Skies, Continuum, Arrow, Warcraft) I tweeted him last week to ask if he would potentially do a con in the UK and his reply was "absolutely" so pleeeeeeease get him!
  12. Years and years and years of patience have paid off!! Best guest EVER! Yaaaaay!!
  13. Too much! We're a family of three so that equals lots of autos, tickets for entry, talks, photos etc. Including hotel, we're probably in the region of £2,500. I don't really want to work it out properly lol.
  14. Sense8 cast please, that would be absolutely fantastic!
  15. Ooooh, might have to get a picture of him from "The Guild" as I LOVED that show!
  16. So excited I can barely breathe! I had a photo with him last time but didn't manage to get an autograph as he was so insanely busy. I was devastated so it's fantastic that he's back this year!!
  17. My Name That I Respond To IRL: Lisa My Rough Age: 40 by next LFCC, eep! My Main Fandoms: Firefly, Marvel/DC, Babylon 5, Harry Potter, LOTR, Buffy, Walking Dead, GOT, Outlander, Stargate, Fringe Most People Love This Fandom But I Strongly Dislike: Not “strongly” dislike exactly but never got into: Dr Who and Red Dwarf Favourite Guest I've So Far Met: Cory Haim Biggest Name Guest I've So Far Met: Carrie Fisher Ultimate Dream Guest I'd Love To Meet: Ryan Reynolds or Robert Downey Jr. However A More Realistic Dream Guest Would Be: Norman Reedus I Plan To Be At LFCC 2017 On These Days: All the days I Will Most Likely Be Wearing: One of my geeky T-shirts (also jeans, because I don’t want to get arrested!) As Well As The Guests, I Will Also Be Attending To: Buy stuff, look at all the awesome cosplays Favourite Colour: Turquoise Favourite Movie: District 9 or Attack the Block Favourite Food: Pizza Favourite Book: The Wolf’s Hour by Robert R. McGammon Favourite Series Of Books: Harry Potter or Outlander Favourite Video Game: World of Warcraft Favourite Item Of Merchandise: My Cheetara pop Favourite Person With The Screen Name "Stenun" Who Started This Thread: hi! Other Information About Me That I Want To Mention: I named my daughter Storm, after the X-men character. The first X-Men movie came out a couple of years later, making her super popular when she started school! Other Information About Me That I Don't Want To Mention: I don’t like crowds but LFCC is still my most favourite place to be!
  18. Thanks Helara, I'll check those out!
  19. The cosplay this year was once again amazing, well done to everyone who put the hard work into it! I was just wondering if there are any groups/forums etc where the cosplayers tend to hang out and chat? I've looked on here but all I can really find are the rules. It's something my whole family is interested in doing and it would be great to be able to get to know and chat to others who go to LFCC and the other cons. :)
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