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  1. Agreed. I've been putting off getting a photoshoot with Dave as he's always there, but I think this might be my opportunity. This'll be my first Sunday trip as I normally do a Sat but I really want to meet Lalla too, so Sunday it is! :)
  2. I normally have no interest in wrestling as they're normally wrestlers from the modern day, but someone like this, from my era (the WWF rather than WWE period) is great news! :)
  3. I'll pop a pick up on here when mine arrives so you can see what I got and decide if you want to get one too. :)
  4. Do you know if they will ship signed pics to the UK? Yes, they do. I've ordered one, waiting for it to arrive.
  5. I'd love to meet them both (you can buy signed pics via their webshop) but I think it'll be tough to get them as I think they start shooting on Painkiller Jane in the New Year, still we can hope!
  6. I know a million people will have said this already, but I'm saying it again to bring the thread back to life ... Billie Piper please. Thanks! :)
  7. It's a great idea, I often jump in and impulse buy as guests are announced but as you say it adds up on a purchase by purchase basis. I'd much rather buy all my tickets and have them all sent a few weeks before the event in one go ... whether they go for this is another matter though, I'm sure this question must have been asked before? Anyone know of a thread similar to this which has the answers?
  8. Excellent. I've been wanting to meet Lalla for a while and for one reason or another haven't had the chance, so this is great news.
  9. Balked a bit at £135 but for what you get that's pretty decent I guess.
  10. That is fantastic! Was wondering if we'd get some AHS guests, and you got one of the best of the bunch, top notch!
  11. A real shame, he's been on my 'want to meet' list for a while because of his involvement in A Clockwork Orange.
  12. And the award for the most bizarre thread goes to ...
  13. I took this nifty pic I thought people might like to see ...
  14. Or just take a photo/scan the one you have for free maybe? Just saying. :)
  15. What happened to the sports guests? There were a great selection a year or so ago and now none. There must be loads of Welsh football / rugby / boxing stars we could get along?
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