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  1. 9am Saturday morning ... Seriously though, can't wait now, so close ...
  2. Totally random one but what about someone like Geoffrey Hayes - ie. Geoffrey from Rainbow! A proper TV cult classic!!
  3. Not sure if anyone else has suggested it yet but would be amazing to get some of the American Horror Story cast.
  4. "There won't be many varied guests to see if it sticks to these two popular shows" ... you mean two of the possibly most well followed shows, which have been running for years with a massive turn-over of cast and with an ever expanding fan-base ... yeah, you're probably right ...
  5. Coming all the way from South Wales, LFCC next week, Cardiff CC a few weeks after (practically on my doorstep) hoorah!
  6. Met Miltos a while back at CFCC, thoroughly nice guy, well worth meeting.
  7. I was also wondering about the sports guests, that was a nice touch. Would definately be happy to see a few of these.
  8. It's a shame we can't (although someone correct me if I'm wrong) see what pics will be available from SM on the day to help us decide if we want to bring our own or not. Perhaps an online gallery before each show? Probably impossible due to copyright or whatnot, just thinking out loud.
  9. He is still going, he's cancelled Belfast: http://showmastersonline.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=86495
  10. As someone who doesn't usually get signed stuff, can someone clarify? If I pay for a signing with someone, do I get just one item signed or can I get a few things (ie up to 5)? I wasn't aware of this if this is the case. Ta!
  11. Yeah, I don't know why I put 'buy pics to be signed', I meant pay for a sig and use one of the star's own pics. Good spot!! :)
  12. Just wondering what people tend to go for? Do you buy pics from the guests to be signed? Do you bring your own you've bought online? Do you get a photoshoot and then get that pic signed? I'm normally more of a photo person myself and don't tend to go for sigs but there's a guest at this event I'd love a sig from and can't decide what to go for!! (Damn my indecision!!)
  13. I'm guessing no-one as they're all illegal to own except for one.
  14. This isn't a criticism, just a genuine question but ... why does it matter? Isn't it a good thing for fans and collectors if rare first time signers are going to be at events? Why do we need to know why there's so many?
  15. Dog the Bounty Hunter would be brilliant! Fenella Fielding.
  16. I miss Sabrina's posts. The board seems somewhat empty since she left!
  17. That's fantastic. I was struggling to find anyone beyond Carrie for a photoshoot, now I'm sorted! :)
  18. How about some of the original Police Academy cast?
  19. Awesome big name guest for Cardiff (my local CC). Anyone GoT related is ok with me!
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