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  1. Some of the photographs available are absolute "sub-standard pieces of cr@p" [DavidB] The guy needs computer training. End of.
  2. Could we send the "little fellow" on a couple of computer courses, so he could complete his role a little better? He learns something. Nobody complains anymore. Win! Win?.
  3. Wow! that was "significantly busier"?!?!. Saturday really was quiet then. A really enjoyable show though.
  4. Yet, the thread where indio talks about another event stays. Do the mods get paid to be here?, as some seem to be here most of the day every day?. They have to fill their time some how I guess. It's all very strange.
  5. Surely the best way to stop people talking about the other event is to confirm if he’s coming or not.
  6. So you can 100% confirm, that there is no talk behind the scenes of him cancelling?.
  7. Can we have an update on this situation please?. Given this rumour broke early last week. It would be a little unfair to continue selling tickets whilst knowing he isn’t actually being there.
  8. But this is where it all gets a bit silly. Surely coping a FAQ from another site isn’t against the rules?. I didn’t even mention the event that I got it from. Dave didn’t seem that bothered with the way that the discussion was leading last night. He also rightly seems to use these pages as a method to interact, and discuss with his customers. Showmasters seemingly wish to turn us all into robots - able to only give praise, and suggest guests.
  9. Alternatively, somebody could come on here and engage in a debate with us? All I want is some justification, of why there are such differences in price structure, and why the attitudes between both companies are so alarmingly different?.
  10. Dave, can you inform Queen Sindel that we wish to have a thread about the price structure between English and American conventions. As every time it’s raised she feels a compulsion to delete it.
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