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  1. Oh good, I’d hate to think that it just looks like I’m trying to push in....
  2. Just my luck- I have three photos on friday and two of them clash
  3. I just saw Ian cancelled a different con which is at the end of June, due to filming the new show. Does anyone know if he’ll be finished in time for London? I almost got my Salvatore Sandwich last year, but they both cancelled and this may be a last chance to get it......
  4. As far as I'm aware, Jason Momoa is in Georgia filming his new series The Red Road. As to whether this is still the case, I don't know, but when I met him in Atlanta I asked him about coming to this this convention, and he mentioned his filming schedule then. He didn't/couldn't give me a definite answer then, it's not really surprising that he cancelled. I'm still sad though. And I do agree with a lot of this post; I went to LFCC last year, which was amazing, but didn't go this year as 1, I had decided to go to Atlanta instead, and 2, because there were only 2 people I wanted to meet. It does seem like maybe there was a bit of an over reach this year for Cardiff, since when have Showmasters released an event schedule this late? It leads me to believe they expected these cancellations, maybe
  5. I was going to be at Cardiff, up until 10 minutes ago, but since Jason Momoa was the only guest I was going for, I guess I'll have to wait until next year to see you in those heels Good luck, and I hope you manage to raise lots of money
  6. So this is why it was taking so long to put up the event schedule?!! I half expected it, since he's still filming, but it still sucks
  7. Hiya, the best way to deal with high heels of any kind is to throw yourself into it, once you start to hesitate you'll adopt that weird limp you see women with. Is there any kind of platform at the front of the shoe? This will help with the height of the heel. If you have a long hallway where you can walk up and down, do so, and picture it like a catwalk, head high, and use your hips. Don't take the same size steps as normal, but don't make them too small either or you'll tip over, lol. If not, walking around your living room will be ok, but not great. If you have to use stairs, I would suggest holding the rail (obviously, lol) and turning your body to an angle, so that your feet hit each step diagonally. Hope this helps, if not, watch The Victoria's Secret Fashion show, a lot, you can call it "research" 😂
  8. Thanks for the quick reply David B......I thought I hadn't seen it anywhere, and that would be why, lol. I guess I'm just a bit keen
  9. Hi everyone, I was a newbie at this year's LFCC and loved every second. I couldn't see this posted anywhere else so I wanted to ask when tickets go on sale for LFCC 2014; will it be after the LFCC Winter? Only 11 months to wait
  10. I didn't have any problems with giant queues, mainly because on the Friday night preview we noticed that by half 8 everyone had wandered off, so I went straight up to Amanda Tapping with NO-ONE in front of me.......so did the same around 4/5pm on Saturday and Sunday :) the "no photo" signs were a bit misleading however, as I went to get Jason Momoa's auto, and didn't ask as the sign said no, but then just after I saw him posing with the picture he just signed for the fan.......??!!?? maybe I should have tried the brave/cheeky approach, and asked anyway? lol
  11. The Gold Pass was the best part of my weekend, no-one was mean, I got to be first in to all of my photoshoots and the crew were all fantastic and helpful. One in particular was helpful; the nice man in the crew shirt at photo area c on sunday explained what I needed to do, and let me stand out of the way to wait for Danny Glover, and then Jason Momoa to arrive, even let me sit by his lunch since my inappropriate boots were hurting my feet when I stood still. The crew are amazing, and I promised to suggest that maybe they get a bit of extra time to get their own photos done I only wish I'd known at the time that we didn't HAVE to join the gold pass collection queue inside on the friday, as we waited in that queue for ages, only to join the back of the show ticket queue since the other ticket holders got let in while we were still waiting, ending up with us being 5th row from the front for the after hours GOT commentary. Having said that, it was excellent, and I was in the front row for every other talk we went to! No-one was really sure where the gold pass holders needed to queue for the talks though, and as a result we asked what to do each time and just got told to head on in each time and beat a lot of other gold pass peeps. Thank you Showmasters for the best weekend of my life, it was our first con, and we are already planning to come next year :)
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