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  1. Yeah Ill do that. Sent an email and if nothing is sent back I'll call them up.
  2. Wouldn't let me book unless I selected an event.
  3. Meant June. I searched June and for some reason typed July here.
  4. Tried booking on the website but no event shows up when you select July so can't even book it
  5. Do you need to book parking through the NEC website? Plus did last year the car park open early or at 8am?
  6. Bhup

    Photo Shoot question.

    Segal had a seat last year and one next to him for pics.
  7. The days all blend together for me in the 3 day haze of con fever :)
  8. It's still 5 months away and I'm sure if they go with it they'll announce it with plenty of time to go Last year had David Tennant announced on the Friday as the con was in progress so got no worries about their organization skills as they managed that
  9. I'll wait getting the separate pics for now then. Or could you just upgrade them later if bought?
  10. Think there will be a double karate kid pic? Don't want to buy for each guest then a double is announced. Or even a triple if they get Ralph
  11. Bhup

    Guest Suggestions

    Can't remember if I've already made this suggestion but Chloe Bennett. She's doing UK cons it seems with an appearance at one in the spring which I've decided is not for me while mulling it over. I'm used to Showmasters cons and this one's rules and set up didn't appeal to me. I'd rather see her in London and pay the Diamond ticket price. Besides if she pulls out there's always a load of other guests to dull your pain. The other one I'd just go for her and if she's out I'd be thinking it's nothing for me here. So yeah Chloe Bennet and I could fanboy out finally over a guest. Take my Diamond pass money already
  12. Bhup

    Any Steven Seagal pics or stories?

    He sat tilted to the side for mine. Looks like he's farting and letting it breathe. Weirdly I prefer how odd it looks. It's different for sure.
  13. Bhup

    Peter Weller Auto Problem

    I was more annoyed his pens didn't work or barely so your autograph was shoddy looking. He ended up throwing a pen to his right hard and hitting the guy behind me.
  14. Ok , no worries. I thought I got grifted at the table. Only paid as the thing was for a friend and that's what he wanted. Refused to do it out of principle for my stuff. If his shoot was £5 more originally I wouldn't have minded. Just felt it was a bit cheeky.