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  1. It says 19:30 here but 7pm on the tickets. Which is the right time. I've got a shoot near the end of the day and trying to work out if I've got enough time to get the train back to my hotel which is only one stop, shower and change and be back up.in time.
  2. The app still shows Carrie at B AM & PM so which is right?
  3. The schedule shows Carrie Ann Moss at B and C for am/pm shoots but app says B for both.
  4. ** Never mind. Hit Friday by mistake. Is the Cobra Kai group pic missing in the schedule here. I can see it on the app but not here
  5. I've done the same with basic silver sharpies on black glossy paper. So that's why paint pens on most things for me now. I'm hoping I have the awareness after each signature to go off to the side somewhere and lay stuff on the floor and let it dry as I take out other stuff I need signed for the next guest. Saturday with the huge crowd I'll probably forget as I'll run to other guests or photo shoots
  6. All the ones I've tested are dry within seconds on posters but still I'll be waiting a bit. On plastic they take a while to dry. Silver paint pens seem to still be a pain and smear and take a little longer. But so many other colours I'd rather use anyway. Did that happen after you put it away or during the signing?
  7. Took your advice. Currently got 15 more colours of Posca I just bought an hour ago and testing what colours come out looking against what backgrounds and what size tip to use. 5M for a thicker signature on a larger poster and 3M for figures seems ok. With 2 weeks until London had to go into overdrive.
  8. I've been testing with pens all week. My glossy poster black sharpie is great. Silver etc smears right off. Got gold on one of and still wet after 3 months. I've tried Posca Paint pens and sharpies and try to smear them quickly with my fingers and after a small wait. Been fantastic. Same with oil based sharpies. I'd try the black basic sharpie and wait a bit for it to dry. 30 seconds or so
  9. I bought the ticket as soon as he was announced. Must have missed the other shoot.
  10. Bob Gale has a normal pic then one with the Delorean..Was the option there to get either?
  11. We talking a few minutes or longer? It's pretty thick glossy photo paper. Could even hold it while lining up for other guests to sign it. Would get some figures signed too with it. I'll juggle them for a bit until dry. What would you recommend for the size. I'm looking at 3M and 5M nibs
  12. Are Posca not paint pens just like the sharpie ones? How long did they take to dry for you? No flaking or anything as I'll wait a few minutes for them to dry but as I'll have a lot to do I'll be rolling them up and putting them into a poster tube as quickly as I can to move onto other guests. Don't want them to smear or rub off on the rest of the paper
  13. Was it on photo paper you used it on? How did it turn out? I'm going to test on poster that's the same material. With London coming up I really need to figure out which pens to buy on eBay and try out.
  14. Need pen advice. Got a black background maxi sized poster printed on glossy photo paper. I've had silver sharpies smear when other similar posters have been signed. I'm needing yellow ink on mine so do I go Posca Paint pen, Deco paint pen or sharpie paint pens in oil or water? I know some will take a while to dry but worried when I roll up the posters tight the signature will flake off. Any advice on what to get to sign them?
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