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  1. Am I the only one that would like to meet some comedians? dara obrien? ed bryne, chris addison (was just in dr who) frank skinner (again dr who ) etc etc I mean most guest are tv/film actors and besides comedy they do tend to move to acting
  2. Anyone from Arrow, The flash , Grimm and the whole wheadon-verse more so if you can get anyone from dr horrible singalong blog,Firefly,Buffy
  3. well there you go , when did that change last event I event I was at was LFCC but i didnt attend any talks?
  4. david has it changed to "turn up at the talk room" or is it still on tickets ?
  5. Hi Jason , thanks for the response it's appreciated as I know everyone at SM will be gearing up for the weekend ahead , Its understandable with guests dropping out that everyone is going to be upset by it and I admit i made an assumption about the two cancellations and it appears to be more of a case of plain bad luck. I was hoping that there would be some clarification on the points about the show and how information has been posted. For example most of the guests were announced last month. Now i can understand if the Guest or SM wanted to hold onto announcements if the guest may have to cancel and wanted to wait until nearer the event before giving the go ahead to avoid disappointing anyone. But Most Shows including the three me and my partner attended had a pretty much full list way in advance. The Silent auction as I've mentioned is another aspect in the 3 shows I've been to there was always a list posted , normally a week ahead with just some of the items on sale, again there is a post stating there is one and thats really it , no teasers. For me anyway it feels like someone in the office has just gone " hey when's cardiff con , we must have loads of time ?, What do you mean its less than a month away ?!?!?!" Sadly it just feels rushed
  6. I dont know to be honest Im not a GoT fan so i dont know how big of a role or even if his character is still alive in it and if i made a huge assumption i apologize but i think the point is still valid but as to jason and carice if its not to do with GoT then its the worst luck
  7. Before anyone would like to point out about posting negative subjects I would like to say that i'm looking to provide feedback to showmasters about concerns I have for the show and I hope i don't come across as another keyboard warrior spouting venom , I like showmasters events , Me and my partner attended the first two CFCC's and this years summer LFCC and we have had the best time you could ask for , weeks and Months before each show there was a build up of guest after guest after guest and We were very excited for these events,Things like a silent auction were posted and a small list of things in the auction posted so there was a build up of "oh wow i want that , i'l have to keep an eye out for it." This CFCC is somewhat different , I was in work today talking about this con with a co-worker who decided not to come because of the the line up , or lack of one. Let me state that i understand showmasters try their best to get as many guests as they can per event and that they try to get a good mix where they can. But this shows lineup is lacking both numbers and variety. Now its fair to say that some people will like/ want to meet people from show A and Show B and some wont but when most of the line up fall under one or the other you automatically turn those not interested in those two or 3 shows/films away. Again you cant win them all fair enough. Guest cancellations are most of the time unavoidable and is an accepted risk in attending a Con that any of the guests can pull out for any reason,at anytime . But to lose the two strongest guests in the line up , from the same show in the same week due to work commitments just highlights a flaw in getting too many from one tv show if one has a change in work commitments its highly possible that another guest from the same show will as well, more so if the show is still in its run . This then leads to further disappointment this time from the fans of the show. A missed opportunity is Dr who, again some have said there is too many Dr who guests in the line up but the finale airs on the saturday of the con,in the city the show is partly filmed in. I'm Not sure if SM tried and were unable to get anymore guests/special screening/other cool tie in or if it didnt even come up in the planning stage or even if they were simply unable to make plans because of not having the information of when the dr who finale would air but it would have been amazing to have some sort of tie in/event. Hallowhedon, LWFCC BFCC and now CFCC are all very close to each other and It feels ( to me anyway) that while showmasters was busy with the recurring - long standing events and the first Belfast show that cardiff got forgotten about and now there is a rush to get info out , as I already said the announcement of the silent auction is great but at time of typing there isn't even a hint of what items might be on sale, its just all seems rushed, Don't get me wrong I understand that SM would pile in time and effort on both the long standing and the first show and they have after show commitments to guests etc, but cardiff is on its third show the first two were great and this one seems to be lacking steam. I feel that showmaster has tried to do too many shows in such a short time and that cardiff is the one to suffer as a result . Don't get me wrong though I'm not saying this con or that con should have more or less focus i just think the timing of events was just too many too soon. I hope that this isnt taken as an attack on SM/Guests etc as i do enjoy Sm events and I will be there on saturday to see 2 or 3 guests , I think my goal for this post was to just ontline my concerns and hopefully have some sort of feel of other attendees thoughts on this years show and if SM or anyone could respond on any points it may clear things up for myself ( and maybe others) so we can all just crack on with having a good weekend edit: Just wanted to add Il be watching the Bournemouth show carefully , my partners parents live down that way and I may be up to "visiting them" around the end of august
  8. tj thyne , great friendly and giving away little goodies to everyone he met . lovely guy ,chatting with everyone great with the kid in front of us , you really cant meet a nicer person, also very smartly dressed which wasnt what i would expect , you would expect guest to be in some casual gear not a vest suit he is my guest of the event
  9. he seemed a little crazy when i asked if there was a particular scene in heroes that he considered his fav, after a few mins he seems to calm down and cobbled an answer together signed my poster and took a selfie with me and my girlfriend
  10. my boyfriend spent about £900 just over the weekend, that doesn't include entry, hotel or photoshoots
  11. I know this may seem a little odd but how about some comedians? you know the likes of ross noble,dara o'briain, hugh dennis etc . I cant be the only person wanting to meet some of my fav comedians can I ?
  12. hey I have two shoots with summer for tonight do i change my ticket at the desk or keep it and its valid for tomorrow , also if the shoots are called by tickets numbers do fridays, get bumped ahead? also which shoot should i go to , or just try my luck on any?
  13. ah thank you , i can start planning my day now :)
  14. As the title says im wondering about photo shoots and if everyone will be seen on a first come first serve basis or if its by ticket number, i've been to both cardiff cons and they were done by first come but i do remember reading for some busier guest/events it could be by the ticket number. The photo shoot im worried about is the summer glau shoot on the friday ,i also want to get an auto from stan lee on friday as well ( as to not worry about it for the rest of the week end) but summers shoot ends just as stan's starts.knowing if its by ticket number or first come will help me decide my order of who to see and when and which line to be in for entry as well so , photoshoots by ticket number or by first come? , I understand that sometimes details like this wont be fully known until the day but any info would be great , thank you
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