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  1. I’m so happy about this, wanted to meet him for ages but it never worked out before (budget/choices etc!) I am definitely putting him top of my list for this one!
  2. I just want it to be my man Keanu. I know apart from The Matrix he’s not really a part of any fandom, but just let me dream awhile longer ok?!
  3. So so happy about this! Loved him in Lost and TVD, can’t wait to meet him and Paul
  4. You finally got him! Can not wait to meet both Paul & Ian, they’ve been on my list for a while!
  5. Any sons of anarchy or the walking dead guests would be amazing :-)
  6. Fantastic, absolutely can't wait to have a look at it all
  7. I might just go in and hold it myself then - definitely wouldn't want to make him uncomfortable:-)
  8. Ok, tonight I've been dithering over getting pics with Tom Skerritt & Veronica Cartwright (I am a massive Alien/Aliens etc fan).....I'm also trying to decide if I book said photos would an 83 year old and a 68 year old be up for posing with my toy Face-hugger while pulling a 'scared' face?! What do you think?! Anyone met either of these 2 before that can give me an idea of how it would be received?!
  9. So so gutted, 2nd time I've hope to meet 'Vincent'/'Clay' fingers crossed SM can get him back again. In the meantime, how about Charlie Hunnam for the group photo!?
  10. Could someone point me in the direction as to where to purchase these please? Looked on the main website but no joy! Thanks in advance :)
  11. How does everyone know there's a 3rd guest? Can't see it for looking lol! Based on the price of the Alien shoot I believe. Nothing has been announced. Ah yes ok I did see the photo price and think it was high for the 2 announced but didn't think if was because of another guest! Exciting, I'm just so sad I wasn't able to meet John Hurt when he attended but these 2 and any other will be amazing :)
  12. How does everyone know there's a 3rd guest? Can't see it for looking lol!
  13. Fantastic guest! The missing piece of the puzzle on my poster - cannot wait to meet him :-)
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