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  1. Well that's depressing... Least I have an extra £25 to spend now I guess.
  2. Rugeley in Staffordshire. Will be travelling down at around 8am on the Friday morning
  3. These are my plans for the con, now finally set in stone. I'm still working on my Claire cosplay, so now pics of that, and I've been too lazy to photograph Maggie as yet.
  4. Hoping and praying for Lauren Cohan! Because yeah, she's done another con in the UK, but would be a first timer for Showmasters, and has been asked for a lot since Emily was announced lol. It would make my life tbh!
  5. I'd like to make a request for Charlie Cox!
  6. I know plenty of people who cosplay on the Friday... myself and my friend included lol.
  7. As we're talking Hobbit and LOTR actors... LUKE EVANS PLEASE! Um, yes, that would be nice. Thanks :)
  8. From the store 'cause I saw people asking lol. Christopher Lloyd Diamond Pass The Diamond Pass Upgrade is tailor made to the guest specified. This pass DOES NOT include entry so please purchase weekend entry tickets or a Gold Pass to validate it. This package includes: 1 x Photo Opportunity with Christopher Lloyd and the 1885 Clock Face. This will be taking place on Saturday. 1 x Photo Opportunity of you in the Delorean Time Machine. (Can be taken Friday, Saturday or Sunday) 1 x In-person autograph with Christopher Lloyd. This can be on either your own personal item or a 10x8 supplied by us. (This can be collected on Friday, Saturday or Sunday) 1 x Seat at a talk exclusive to Christopher Lloyd Diamond Pass holders. This talk will be with Christopher Lloyd and will take place on either Saturday or Sunday (to be confirmed nearer the time) 1 x Limited Exclusive London Film & Comic Con Christopher Lloyd Print. 1 x Exclusive London Film & Comic Con Return to the Future t-shirt.
  9. The very hopeful part of me would love it to be a panel for something like The Scorch Trials. It wouldn't be, but it is nice to dream! Haha!
  10. That's what I've been thinking, seeing as it doesn't actually mention anything about a guest.... But who knows!
  11. As much as I would actually adore it to be something massive related to TWD, I kind of hope it isn't, not this close to Christmas, not when I don't have any money until after. Myself & my bank manager will be having arguments if it ends up being lol.
  12. Fabulous! Ticket booked after a bit of grovelling as I am currently skint! Christmas shopping cleared me out today, actual worst timing ever lol.
  13. My only costume set in stone so far for next year is a fem!Bard the Bowman! Yay for Hobbit cosplay!
  14. I met Lawrence on Friday night, he was so incredibly lovely! He was so excited about my cosplay, was like "It's Lauren!" "OMG Maggie!" as I stepped up to him, so that was nice. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to meet the other guys as I had to pick and choose so much at this con due to lack of funds. Did get this fab photo though (sorry, this is huge 'cause I just c&p from facebook lol):
  15. Sad times Well, I guess that's £25 I didn't think I had I can now spend on someone else/some merch.
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