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  1. I'm not going to this one,because of the simple reason that there are no guests that interest me enough to want to meet them,I might consider coming again if some actors/actresses from the Ghostbusters,Gremlins,A Nightmare On Elm Street,Friday The 13th films,etc are announced for 2015? But at the moment,it's not worth me travelling up to the venue,paying travel fares just to browse some stalls To anyone else who's excited to meet their favourite guests at Winter LFCC 2014,I hope you all have a good time,but for now I'm standing down
  2. It's still super early. Most of the big name guests for the summer LFCC weren't announced until a couple weeks before the show. But winter LFCC is smaller anyways. We'll just have to wait and see. I know just what you mean bobbyc,I'm not really feeling the excitement either,less than 5% at the moment for me,sorry folks Plus I'm most annoyed that it's not in the Grand Hall Olympia like it was last October,instead of that we're back in horrid Earls Court 2 dripping sweat, as the air conditioning is either always broken or costs too much to turn on,massive epic shame,do'nt think my health can take it,too much of an oven in there
  3. I have decided that I'm not going to go unless any guests are announced that fall under the category of "People whom I have absolutely been dying to meet for ages" At the moment,no one really grabs my attention,if that does'nt change within the next month,then I definitely will not be going So sorry to be a downer,but for me & probably other people also,it has to be really worth my while,in other words well worth the money & travelling if I can meet at least 2 or 3 guests I've been waiting ages to meet,but oh well,only time will tell,at the moment I'm not interested enough to attend,but it is still early days,so I'll see what happens
  4. Simon Pegg & Nick Frost would be awesome to have at a future event too,I'm a massive fan of Spaced,Shaun Of The Dead,Hot Fuzz & The World's End & even Paul,so would love to meet those guys & get their autographs,again that would be great as well
  5. Another guest I would love to meet would be Allison Doody who was in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade,I think some Indiana Jones guests at LFCC would be a great idea,also please get Terry Farrell back again soon & hopefully at the same time Nicole De Boer,would love to meet Terry in the UK again,she has loads of fans here of course & I have never met Nicole,but would love to,as I've heard that she is also really lovely with her fans,shame I missed out on meeting her at last year's October Winter LFCC Anyway,I would truly love to be able to buy a photo session with both gorgeous women who hosted the DAX symbiont from Star Trek Deep Space Nine,because I think & I speak for all DS9 fans including myself that that would be a dream come true indeed,that would be wonderful,Showmasters please take this advice on board for a future event,you always do so well at getting some great guests at these events,I know you can make this happen,thankyou
  6. I would love to meet Karen Allen,I hear she's lovely with fans & Raiders Of The Lost Ark was & still is one of my favourite films of all time
  7. Ditto,same here,I'm only going to go if any guests are announced that fall into that particular category of "dying to meet" which is why I have'nt bought my tickets yet,I'm going to wait & see what happens in the next few weeks,I may well be going if things change,if not,I'll wait until July 2015,I'll see
  8. Thankyou bestfuzz,I've been so stressed out & angry a lot lately,been arguing like hell with my brother,he says he will only go on a Sunday from now on & I was getting mad with him & maybe said one or two things I should'nt have said & was getting upset that I may not have as enjoyable a time as I did when I previously went on a Saturday,but I was wrong,I happen to someone who does'nt like change,but I think I may well agree with him to do a Sunday date,so thanks for the good advice,I feel better now
  9. Sorry everyone,I never meant to offend or cause trouble here,no I do'nt know anything about rail strikes,I have heard that they do happen now & then,I can only hope & pray that all be well if I choose to attend the Sunday,I'm sure it will be fine It's just that I am feeling really down & fed up at the moment,a bout of depression,I really would like to go,but my brother is less enthusiastic,complaining about the temperature & all that,personally I do'nt care at all what he says,yes Earls Court 2 is hot & the air con is a pile of useless junk,we know all this,but I can take it,I can be pretty tough in situations like that I mean,for goodness sake.come on,in October,the heat inside wo'nt be and cannot possibly be as intense as the July LFCC was,even on a Saturday,believe me I want to try to go again,but I wo'nt go by myself,as it's not as fun & I have no other friends who I can go with as they are'nt into cons & other cool stuff like me,anyway sorry to waste your time,I feel ashamed & awful about my question now,seriously folks,I NEVER meant to hurt anyone's feelings,it just goes to show that the world is such an awful place with no one in that gives a **** about what anyone else thinks,so sad,that just adds to my depression Why did I even bother asking a question if I was only ever going to get crucified,I'm very sorry everyone
  10. Hi there,I'm thinking of attending Sunday rather than Saturday,is this wise,should I be concerned about rail strikes & missing out on anything important & fun going on the Sunday,is there any real difference in attending on that day,should I be concerned about anything,I'd hate to miss out on something amazing, anyway,my point is it worth attending on a Sunday for a change?
  11. Terry Farrell & Nicole Do Boer (I would love to have a photo session with both Dax women,PLEASE SHOWMASTERS MAKE THIS HAPPEN ) Jewell Staite (Firefly/Serenity) (Also would love to meet her,yes please ) Anna Paquin & Famke Janssen (X-Men) (please can we have some X-Men film guests )
  12. Rebecca Stamos (X-Men movies,The Punisher) Jennifer Garner (Daredevil,Elektra) Adam West Burt Ward Ernie Hudson
  13. Lou Ferrigno (I would love to meet that guy,The Incredible Hulk was one of my fave shows I watched as a kid,still is) Karen Allen,Kate Capshaw,Alison Doody (loved all 3 of these ladies in the Indiana Jones films,would be great to have them at LFCC,any other Indiana Jones guests also if possible)
  14. I would love to have a photoshoot with both Dax ladies: Terry Farrell & Nicole Do Boer,so showmasters if you're listening,please can you get them both to attend a future LFCC event,it would be awesome for us DS9 fans to have a photoshoot with both ladies,I've never met Nicole,but would love to,of course,shame I missed out on meeting her last year,oh well,hopefully some other time
  15. How about some Gremlins guests such as Joe Dante,Zach Galligan,Phoebe Cates,Dick Miller & a photo shoot with prop Gremlins & the actors would'nt be a bad idea either?
  16. Terry Farrell (obviously,I had such a lovely time meeting her,that I'm hoping she may be back at LFCC again at some point,if not this show,then hopefully another one in the not too distant future,the memory will never leave me,I'm still buzzing even now,great feeling ) Ghostbusters guests: Ernie Hudson,Annie Potts,William Atherton,Robin Shelby,Peter MacNicol,Harris Yulin,etc. Horror: Robert Englund,Wes Craven,Lisa Wilcox,Tony Todd,Angus Scrimm,Doug Bradley,Gunnar Hansen,Tobe Hooper,etc. I & indeed many other people would love some more Ghostbusters & Horror guests,please Showmasters?
  17. He does . Or at-least he was at the summer show. Thankyou for the information
  18. I would love to meet Lisa Wilcox (from A Nightmare On Elm St: Part 4 The Dream Master & Part 5 The Dream Child,she was always my fave Elm St girl,so I think she would be a great guest to have) And of course the major players: Robert Englund,Doug Bradley,Tony Todd,Gunnar Hansen,Angus Scrimm & any other horror villain actors people can think of (wow,what a great line up that would be,I'd be broke,hahaha) How about a few directors/writers too: Wes Craven,Tobe Hooper,Don Coscareli,Clive Barker,etc.
  19. I am hoping to come along on the Sunday rather than the Saturday for the Winter LFCC event,would love to get an autograph from Mr Bulloch,does anyone know if he personalises to fans,I'm not looking for anything elaborate,just "To Tom" as it would look great in my growing collection,if so then that's great,if not then no problem,thanks!
  20. I would like to know who the lovely lady was on Saturday who cosplayed as Jadzia Dax & was kind enough to have a photo with me,amazing cosplayer,I got a great photo & I also saw her at Terry Farrell's photo shoot later on too,she had 2 phasers & gave Terry one to pose with in the photo,which I thought was very sweet & very cool
  21. I have post con blues now too,wishing I had got photos with a few more cosplayers I saw especially the Raphael Ninja Turtle,great cosplay & wishing I had met up again with the rest of my friends I had met at previous events,I still met up with some of them again though,you know,things like that,but still I had a lovely time,of course
  22. Terry Farrell personalised my photo with "To Tom" I love how she signs her autograph with a kiss at the end,she's lovely Slavitza Jovan also signed "To Tom" & Michael Ensign signed the Ghostbusters still I selected with "To Tom,I'm won't pay it",hahaha,which was a nice touch,marvellous guests all of them
  23. Definitely,I agree too,normally I'm very shy,but I did actually talk to fans here & there mainly when I was in the never ending queue outside around 10AM when I got there & also when I was in the photoshoot queue to meet the sweetheart that is Terry Farrell,all the fans I spoke to were so nice
  24. I got that Ghostbusters T Shirt too,it's so cool,is'nt it,I also picked up a very nice Slimer playing metal guitar one from another stall too,I have'nt actually counted,but reckon that over the last few years or so,I must have at least 15 different GB t shirts,cool find
  25. Blimey,someone sure had fun,hahaha,no seriously,glad you had a jolly good time
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