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  1. Thanks for the help re my sis also. It all went well thanks to helpful answers on here beforehand, and helpful crew members on the day! :)
  2. Ta! I was indeed clicking on the wrong link!! :)
  3. Hey, been trying to book tickets online but it re-directs me to the link for 2012 tickets? Am I clicking on the right link?! :)
  4. After a bit of editing, I have managed to make the picture ok!! Hooray for photoshop! :)
  5. The speed the pictures were ready was amazing!! Very impressed!
  6. You should have told one of the crew as I believe you could have gone straight back through for another photo. One of the advantages of the instant printing - you can see any problems straight away and there's time to have it re-taken. I would have done that but we had to leave sadly No matter, I was just chuffed to meet him tbh! I'm rubbish in photos anyway! :)
  7. He was fab! Sadly my eyes were closed in the photoshoot pic BUT the autograph made up for it. I have an unusual Welsh name which I apologised for as he was trying to write it, and he said "don't apologise, it's a beautiful name." Then purposefully used my name to tell me to have a great day (even though it is a mouthful to say!) Made my day. He was so lovely to everyone. PLEASE get him back again next year if you can - a true gentleman :)
  8. Well... I had my first experience of this event today and I LOVED IT! A MASSIVE thanks to all the crew and staff who were all so helpful and friendly, and made the day run smoothly! Had a fab time and will definitely be coming again. Thanks to everyone who made it a great day and hope all who are there tomorrow enjoy it! :)
  9. Haha newbie to these events + Matt SMith + Dean Cain = excitement
  10. They won't start the photoshoot queue that early. It's not necessary to go there directly when you got in. You have a ticket, you will get a photo. Ah ok!! Thanks - can you tell we're panicing already?! (In an excited way!!) When you're through for the photo go and check the autograph area. Usually the crew will start letting in people a little before he's back. But that's a thing that will be decided on the day and unfortunately my crystal ball is broken. Haha! Thanks :)
  11. Quick question... we have no's 136/137 for Matt's autograph. Can we go straight from the photoshoot (we're in the 1st slot) to queue for the autograph (ie will there be a table with his name on) or do we have to wait til he gets back to the table and we're called? And when we go in at 9, can we go straight to queue for his photoshoot at 10? Ta! :)
  12. Matt Smith and Dean Cain are the biggies for me. Planning on getting tickets on the day for others ONCE we've met Matt and Dean!! :)
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