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  1. xokimmi

    Answers to FAQ

    Same. So. Damn. Tired.
  2. xokimmi

    Weekend Highlights!

    Benedict Cumberbatch was so sweet & friendly! Such a happy guy - seemed so smiley with everybody! Also was super happy with Kevin Smith. Really funny guy, very chatty and gave great hugs. He gave me a huge squeeze and then complimented me on the little 'sway' we had whilst hugging. Alan Tudyk was incredible! His talk on Saturday was fantastic, and he was lovely during my photo! As always, a fantastic weekend! Roll on next year!
  3. Squeeeeeee! Crazy excited for this!
  4. xokimmi

    Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

    So excited!
  5. xokimmi

    Praise to the Crew Members

    Luke from Photo A - awesome guy! So helpful & really did everything he could... even sacrificing his voice! Hope he recovers soon.
  6. Yeah, you're allowed to take one of the free photos too - just like you say, it will be unsigned.
  7. xokimmi

    Guest Cancellation - EMILY KINNEY

    Totally gutted about Emily
  8. Not long to go now!
  9. Let's all get excited about our weekend guys! The MJF announcement was a huge excitement to so many, and this thread should reflect that - let's get back on track! So, what's everybodies favourite BTTF moment?