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  1. Edit: Your previous post was removed for a reason. So please do not post the same thing again. Thank you.
  2. My Dirty Dozen would be 1. Richard Dean Anderson 2. Elijah Wood 3. Whoopie Goldberg 4. Leonard Nimoy (please bring him out of retirement) 5. Roxanne Dawson 6. Jim Parsons 7. Garrett Wang 8. Wil Wheaton 9. Colm Meaney 10. Christopher Plummer 11. John Barrowman 12. David Tennant
  3. Can we have the remaining stars of Deep Space Nine as its still the 20th Anniversary Colm Meaney,Terry Farrell, Cirroc Lofton & Nicole De Boer Oh any chance of Wil Wheaton, Garret Wang, Gates McFadden, Roxanne Dawson, Dominic Keating, Chris Pine, Bruce Greenwood & Whoopie Goldberg.
  4. Hi Firstly to echo many others thanks for a great LFCC I was mostly there for the DS9 Actors and Amanda Tapping from SG, Aron Eisenberg was awesome had a good chat with him and we crossed paths a couple of times throughout the day. My only real gripe after no chairs again, getting a little old and a seat would have been great... but where is my refund for the Tapping/Shanks photo that was cancelled as Michael Shanks failed to show...again. The crew said they would be processed over the weekend and nothing ...come SM give me back my £50.00 I spend enough with you every year. Thanks Gripe over.
  5. All of mine with the DS9 actors & Amanda Tapping were taken in area A look really good, Armin Shimerman is very slightly over exposed, the DS9 Group is slightly dark to left of the Picture which at £85.00 is a little disappointing. All in all a good day thanks to guests & crew alike and especially Aron Eisenberg he was awesome.
  6. Destination Star Trek London was held at the Excel last October and Show Masters were involved, it's got good facilities and is easy to access.
  7. Yeah unfortunately my Geek side kick has had surgery, lousy timing. Wanna Meet up ?
  8. *Edited* Sorry but selling isn't allowed on the forum. Thanks.
  9. Any of these Guys, Whoopie Goldberg, Richard Dean Anderson, Will Wheaton, Colm Meaney, Christopher Plummer, Robert Picardo, George Takei, Gil Gerard, Lee Majors and Elijah Wood.
  10. This years line so far looks quite poor from a Trekkies point of view with the DS9 20th anniversary, where are Colm Meaney, Alexander Siddig, Cirroc Lofton, Micheal Dorn, Terry Farrell etc etc, come on Showmasters put on a SHOW. Still a poor showing for the avid Trekkie, so I'm of to the Creation Star Trek Event in Las Vegas, where I will meet Siddig, Farrell etc etc oh and Bill again that's the Shatner man. :-)
  11. I met "Bill" at Comic Con 2010 and was aware of the time scale for the photoshoot, a friend went in first and they both grimaced at the camera, great I thought and thinking quickly thought it time for something non Star Trek, I boldly walked up to Mr Shatner "Slapped" him on the back and asked "How's the Mad Cow" reffering to Denny Crane his Character from Boston Legal and Luckily he bust out laughing and I got a great photo with him. What to say next is the question, be spontaneous!.
  12. Is the Bridge Photoshoot only available with Silver, Gold Etc Passes ???
  13. Come on guys, please get Whoopi Goldberg she would be fan-trekking-tastic.
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