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  1. Thanks guys,but Franks doestn sell actual semi rigid toploaders: http://www.google.co.uk/url?q=http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ultra-Pro-Toploader-11-17/dp/B002PNQJC8&sa=U&ei=YKerUf69L6S50QWV34HIDg&ved=0CCEQFjAB&sig2=xhCAsos0YCXQ7WztDaDlcg&usg=AFQjCNEdBuhQhpwx5Dc15ibEQV60h3l4Lg Lee
  2. Hey guys, I forgot to pick myself up some 8x10 and larger toploader sleeves last weekend.There were a few people selling them in the dealers hall,but i had so many things to get signed i forgot to pick them up.Im talking about the semi rigid sleeves that many use for photo protection. If someone could please let me know which dealers were selling them id be grateful.If you can help with anyone UK based it would help.I know they are made by both Ultra pro and BCW and i need some of the larger ones too. Thanks Lee
  3. Sorry there is no selling allowed on this forum. Thanks. David
  4. No problem. If they don't arrive then just print off the e-mailed order confirmation and take that along with photo ID etc Got my tickets yesterday Yippeeee!!!! Got them within 4 days of ordering(Fantastic) i was worried because the next morning the event was sold out, I'm really happy now! Absolutely gutted that im missing out on this.It was going to be my birthday pressie from the wife as its my birthday tommorow I planned on getting the ticket tommorow as i get paid,but hey ho. hope everyone has a great time,and enjoys this moment of SW history. Lee
  5. It could also mean that randomly selected autograph vouchers are placed in the packs, and you collect the autograph in person. We will just have to wait for confirmation Any chance of posting the print thats coming with the ticket as this sounds like quite a cool thing to get signed plus assume we should bring a poster tube,if the prints not ready to show yet any idea on its size? cheers Well if it says this,then you should get 12 autos in all,and only ONE from each person.you shoudnt be getting doubles. Lee
  6. Im going for sure,but its my little giels 3rd birthday too
  7. As i live in Luton,i went to the SW museum display of Jason/Gary at Wardown Park musuem years back and id like to ask a question. Will there be any photos allowed of anything at Empire Day as you were not allowed to take photos of the display/collection at the museum at the time.I would kill to see that set up again,and dont want to not be able to take some memories away from this show. For any that didnt go to the museum im talking about when they done the SW collection(around the time of TPM IIRC)you missed out on something amazing.Not only was Jasons collection amazing(especially th
  8. Jason, I have sent you an email to: info@showmastersonline.com Im hoping thats the right one.If you could just check and let me know,or even email me at: lee274@hotmail.co.uk Cheers Lee
  9. Got my son kitted out in this costume,which was made by his Auntie.Went up to MK Saturday morning and he was in tears when we found out Ray Park has cancelled He got some really nice comments from a lot of people at the show,even though he was very shy.Such a shame Ray couldnt see this
  10. Was completly gutted by this today.My little lad was well upset after having his Maul costume made specially for the day.Please get Ray for LFCC!!! Or possible collectormania MK later in the year-assuming there is one???
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