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  1. Or maybe some cast members from: Vikings ( especially Kathryn Winnick ) Castle Stranger Things BattleStar Galactica ( 2004 series ) Outlander Person of interest
  2. On the first amsterdam Comic Con edition we had the BTTF Delorean ( great addition to the Con ) For the next edition we could go for some more. Because they make for awesome photo opps. My suggestions are: K.I.T.T. - Knight Rider The A-Team van General Lee - Dukes of Hazzard 1950 Mercury Monterey like in COBRA ( Sylvester Stallone movie ) Ecto1 or Ecto1A - Ghostbusters Or maybe some Star Wars vehicles
  3. Carl Weathers ( Since he cancelled last time ) Corey Feldman Dolph Lundgren Burt Young Nathan Fillion Brent Spiner Kevin Smith ( also to do an Podcast or something ) Ralph Macchio Dwight Schultz Dirk Benedict I could go on , but these are my main wishes
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