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  1. Darn it, you get one of the only people that would bring me out of convention retirement, and its on a day I can't come!
  2. I just wanted to add Being Human and Supernatural are probably my 2 favourite shows, and I am not put off coming to this because an SPN con has been announced (I am not interested in going to them anymore really unless Jeffrey Dean Morgan gets announced as i've met everyone else I loved from the show). Being Human is such a new show and its homegrown talent so it's really awesome to see we have a con. I think its a number of other factors that are putting people off as stated in another thread. I do agree that IMO there seem to be too many events these days (especially for those of you who like to go to everything), but I can't complain too much if it means little shows like BH get their own con as a result.
  3. Just wanted to say those viewing figures aren't entirely indicative of number of viewers, as Being Human was at the time of first airing the number one download on iPlayer i suspect a lot of people watched it that haven't been accounted for. Not discounting that it has a small fanbase just that it might not be THAT small LOL Also it has only been on one season, I think its going to take off massively after season 2 combined with that It won't be on many peoples minds at the moment as its off air. Finally I think for such a small show a big draw would have been to have had all 3 of the main cast members as that would have made fans more eager to travel from abroad etc. (Not to discount the guests you have in anyway, but i'm sure people will agree its not the same)
  4. Its a few things for me actually. Firstly I am actually coming and going to bring one of my friends with me, but I had to say I'd buy her ticket as a birthday present as its too expensive for her. I know alot of other people that would come if they could afford it too. I have been waiting to see if Aidan or Lenora or the writer Tobey would be announced because while its a good line up now, the kind of line ups you guys normally get for British shows is awesome (Torchwood cons have had all star lineups - but I'm not actually a fan of that show LOL) So I thought they'd be a few more of the main hitters, especially as you already had the lovely Lenora & Russell at CM: Midlands. I don't mean that as critiscm so please don't yell at me peeps Unfortunately I can't actually buy our tickets now because I am all spent out for Christmas and haven't got enough left to buy today, but I am 100% buying 2 tickets as i have already pre-booked hotel room and time off work etc Finally the cast and crew seem to be doing a number of preview screenings for season 2, which they all attend. Now I know that will in no way be the same experience, and the con will offer you a whole lot more but people who have never been to a con before probably don't and the preview screening are ridiciously cheap in comparison. So with a lot of people in the fandom seemingly being new to fandom in general that might be another issue.
  5. I've just booked my hotel room, and will be booking tickets for me & my friend tomorrow, hopefully. We're still hoping you get the gorgeous Aidan, lovely Lenora, or talented Tobey. But we are super excited anyway and can't wait
  6. such_jaunt


    I don't know the area at all and was wondering if anyone knows of an alternative hotel to stay in that's close by? I am hoping to buy 2 friends tickets for their birthdays and we would want to share a hotel room to keep down the cost. So any that have the option of 3 people sharing a room would be fantastic Thank you xx
  7. I think it would be great if Toby was there, he could answer some great questions. And he seems very cool on the Beeb blog updates.
  8. Just wondering if a time has been announced for this yet?? Please & Thanks. Nevermind just saw it's been posted since last time I looked LOL The Ibis is all booked up so we can only make it on Saturday now and don't want to miss it if possible :)
  9. So far I'm only really excited about Scott and that's just because I adored Quantum Leap as a child Many of the line up seem to have already appeared at other Showmasters events (and I've only started going to them in the past 2 years) So I would like to see some "new" people preferably for me from US TV shows (aside from Being Human but then we have Housebroken) or some "BIG name" movie stars so I can persuade my friends to come along as well. For now I'm holding off buying tickets till then!
  10. If we go.. Scott Bakula (The main draw...Dr. Sam Beckett ) Jewel Staite (She seems lovely and her auto will go nicely with my Nathan one) Edward Furlong (T2 was awesome, and all my mates fancied him growing up LOL) Have already met the Heroes guest and none of the other really interest me, so I'll wait a while and see before i decide if I'm definitely coming (and how many people i can drag with me lol)
  11. BEN he was just brilliant All the guests we spoke to were very nice though, not a rude one among them..even when my friend presented them with odd things to sign LOL
  12. Haha yay that is because the awesome Kip was running it
  13. Haha my Ben auto said "Lots of love" too, much to my sisters crushing disappointment at only getting "love" on her auto, when she is a much bigger fan...of course I exploited this fact like any good sibling should mwhahaha LOL
  14. Well this was my first CM:MK event and me and my friends all had a blooming great time The weather was mostly miserable but you can only blame mother nature for that. I think the venue was really easy to find so i'm quite shocked people had difficulties seeing something that big! (we just followed the brown signs and it took us straight there) I don't think the set up at the venue worked as well as it could as the dealers room was too claustrophobic to walk round and actually look at stuff! And the guests were really spread out and sectioned off. But since you guys say it's going to be in a more fit for purpose building next year the problem should be gone. We got there at 11.15 on sunday and save for the cancellations we got to see everyone we wanted and have a few photo-shoots. Big thumbs up to all those who came in costumes they were brilliant and very entertaining. I was disappointed there were no guest talks as a convention goer i love those and was excited to see them listed at signing events too. Hopefully though they'll be on next year. Also the waiting for photo collection at the end of the day was badly organized to begin with but then seemed to get sorted out. All the crew were lovely so thanks to their efforts, as well as all the lovely guests we met too Live longer and prosper
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