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  1. They were all very friendly but for me it has to be Scott Bakula shook my hand before and after signing and happy to take time to talk, very friendly and appreciative of the fans too
  2. I have a platinum ticket and received a ticket to exchange at box office, did receive 5 individual captains talk tickets and photo tickets I had purchased but the main pass that shows parties/stunt show/opening ceremony/captains autos/ 2 in person auto won't be sent out as value is too high according to see tickets who I received email from last week, here is copy of what they sent. Hello, We do not send the actual Platinum tickets in the post due to their value. What is sent to you instead is a ticket which advises you to exchange this for your platinum passes. When you collect your platinum pass you will also receive all the extras included with it. The only parts we will post out are the additional add-ons that have been purchased. We hope this information helps. Kind Regards Tom Customer Services See www.seetickets.com P Please consider the environment before printing this email.
  3. That's what I'm gonna do leave bout 1045-1050 and run to photo shoot
  4. Will there be seperate queues for entry relating to ticket type? When are people planning on starting to queue to get in?
  5. I'm hoping all guess will be doing autos Friday if so hopefully can try get them all done then so not to cause more clashes Saturday and Sunday
  6. I've put my schedule into my phone and planned it as best as can, if all goes to plan should work out quite well, hopefully
  7. Any more info about what will be at the parties? Ie food etc and do we get a free drink included in ticket or something like that?
  8. Any idea how long the stunt show will last for? Just trying to plan which one to attend at present I only have the 2 on Sunday I'm able to attend, if they are 1hour long I miss the end to go to Scott Bakula talk leave Patrick Stewart's talk early to see stunt show
  9. I have 1 major clash so far which is Avery brooks talk on saturday 1000-1100 and photo shoot with Martok and Gowron which is 1020-1100 how do i go about this one??? Any help would be grateful
  10. I have a clash with Avery Brooks talk on saturday with Martok and gowron Photo shoot means probably going to have miss talk or leave early, any help from MODS or Showmasters would be good
  11. Anyone with platinum ticket know who their included autos are for?
  12. I've had closer look and I have tickets for individual captains talks, tickets for photo shoots booked and then a ticket saying platinum ticket exchange at event for further items
  13. I've purchased a platinum ticket and several photo shoots, the main ticket has arrived and tickets for photo shoots and also individual captains talks but have not received any tickets for parties, opening ceremony, stunt show or any info on pre arranged autos, did anyone else have this or did all tickets arrive together ?
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