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  1. I'm sure there will be workarounds but it's if things over run or start late then the problems just become worse. I've been to cons where guest have arrived late for their photoshoots and that then throws everything else out. It hasn't happened often but when it has is been a real pain :-). I'm sure everything will be fine at DSTL! :-)
  2. I don't mean swap on here but with people on the FB pages etc. I know there a other people, same pass type that are in the same situation. I wanted clarification before I would agree to an off the record swap. It would be much simpler if Showmasters would say yes you can swap ticket but NOT passes. The swaps must be like for like eg Gold pass Scott Bakula Saturday Gold pass Scott Bakula for Sunday. We could do it ourselves through our GB contact and Hotel groups contacts. No one would lose out and I would be able to fit my additional photos in (I'm selfish like that LOL)
  3. Yes I know at previous conventions seat saving is not allowed and I'm always reluctant anyway to do that because it can be difficult. I know the crew are always very good at the conventions but I don't really like going in part way through a talk or indeed leaving before the end. A fair swapping arrangement would work much better I think. It would have to like for like eg Gold with Cold, Silver with Silver etc. to make it fair.
  4. I was also hoping to buy a couple more photoshoots but I won't be able to do that now, does anyone else have the same problem?
  5. My Avery Brooks photo and Scott Bakula talk are around the same time on Saturday. Even if I go to the photoshoot first and then to the talk I'll end up at the back. One of the reasons for buying a Gold pass was to be closer to the front plus going late Main Stage hall will probably be full anyway.
  6. Hi I was wondering if there will be any procedure out in place to overcome the problem of clashing photoshoots and talks. I have a Gold pass and as it stands it will be impossible for me to get to the photoshoots and some of my talks. Will it be possible for me to swap my talk ticket with someone else as long as they are the same pass category IE Gold pass holder.
  7. Personally I would love a Babylon 5 con! Old I know but one of the best!
  8. 'ruth76' date='Apr 11 2011, 07:16 PM' post='1640336' I appreciate that you're trying your best, but my personal preference would be for a big name guest, otherwise I'd be pretty gutted that I bought a gold ticket (which was admittedly at my own risk!) Yes same here!
  9. Am I the only person slightly disturbed by the fact that there is no mention of James attending Hub 6 in the list of events on his website? Yes I noticed that. I checked today and it's still not there. Although all his other con dates are!
  10. FUTURE TORCHWOOD Where is torchwood heading? What do you think is next for the team? How much will the USA feature in the adventures. You decide! Saturday Night CARNIVAL RETURNS you thought the first freak show was something.... wait til you see this one! The carnival is back in town! They sound great! Not long now!
  11. I would love to be able to buy a DVD of photographs and video clips from all the previous Hubs. I know all the events are recorded both as photos and videos. I think it would make a great Hub 5th anniversary souvenir.
  12. Yes please - Burn for H5 - He must come!!!
  13. I'd love a Twisted Fairytales party theme like the one which was suggested on The Hub 3 forum. Same here!! Twisted Fairytales for me!!
  14. Yes please it would be lovely to have him there especially since Naoko will be there. I'd love to see them together on the stage!!!!!! It would be lovely to have hime there!! Yes please!!
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