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  1. Thanks, update wasn’t on there earlier.
  2. When are the preorder autographs from collectormania being posted please
  3. There was no artists at all at Cardiff con , which was a big shame as many people love the artists .
  4. Hi , got batch 2 tickets for William shatner on Sunday , is it the 9.30 or 3 pm I need to go to?
  5. What's the last day to be able to book tickets for the con ?
  6. Can't see properly on my mobile but when would the powerloader photo shoot with sigourney on Saturday batch 2 be?
  7. Hi , think I've misread this somewhere but please tell me that I didn't have to book to get Stan Lee's autograph and it's VQ but get it quick?
  8. Sorting out my money for the autographs I'm after. Is there anymore guests due to be added ?
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