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  1. Preorder autographs

    Thanks, update wasn’t on there earlier.
  2. Preorder autographs

    When are the preorder autographs from collectormania being posted please
  3. Guest Days & Prices London Film & Comic Con 2017

    When will this list be updated? With the new stars ?
  4. No Comic Artists or Authors this year?

    There was no artists at all at Cardiff con , which was a big shame as many people love the artists .
  5. Photo Session times?

    Hi , got batch 2 tickets for William shatner on Sunday , is it the 9.30 or 3 pm I need to go to?
  6. What's the last day to be able to book tickets for the con ?
  7. LFCC Talk and Photo Schedule

    Can't see properly on my mobile but when would the powerloader photo shoot with sigourney on Saturday batch 2 be?
  8. Big guest announcement at 7pm on Monday 2nd

    Has David Tennant done one before?
  9. Latest Guest Announcement - STAN LEE

    Thank god for that
  10. Latest Guest Announcement - STAN LEE

    Hi , think I've misread this somewhere but please tell me that I didn't have to book to get Stan Lee's autograph and it's VQ but get it quick?
  11. Exciting Event Announcement - Thursday 3rd at 2pm!

    Is this about the star signing for the winter LFCC?
  12. Big guest announcement tomorrow at 7 pm

    Is it a first timer and are they able to sign autographs?
  13. Join the countdown...

    Sorting out my money for the autographs I'm after. Is there anymore guests due to be added ?
  14. Latest Guest Announcement - TERRY FARRELL

    Yay !Finally I can take my daughter Jadzia to meet Terry
  15. Latest guest announcement - AVERY BROOKS

    met him yesterday,lovely guy.loved it when he said my daughter's name(jadzia).