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  1. nosybird

    The “Thank You” Thread

    From Team Thursday front door and afternoon Matt Smith queue I am very pleased to hear you enjoyed the weekend, as fans ourselves we always understand the emotions. :)
  2. nosybird

    Praise to the Crew Members

    Could have been 1 of two of us, but if was me then aw shucks thanks. Always aim to help when we can.
  3. woohoo, happy to see a Ray Donovan guest :)
  4. nosybird

    Pizza Express

    There will be a lot more soon too: http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-24143345
  5. nosybird

    Guest Suggestions

    There are def more than this, but these come to mind right now...... Dominic Monoghan Andrew Lincoln Dominic Cooper Aisling Loftus Danai Gurira And I feel it's time we got Callum Blue back :)
  6. nosybird

    What to expect?

    Quite a nice one for you to try. It should be fairly quiet, giving you a chance to check it all out. :)
  7. Loved the unicorn outfit, i think it would be perfect for a Monday. :) get rid of Monday & post con blues.
  8. nosybird

    Photo thread

    Some fab pics as always from you all😀 Thank for sharing.
  9. Ditto, at work till 12:30 then off to London. Woohoo 😃
  10. I know have 3 1/2 work days to get through 😃
  11. Only 6 more sleeps till im en route. Woohoo :)
  12. Milo was an Awesome guest, really fab with his fans. I had a great day sat with him :) Although I enjoy meeting all the guests, there are some moments that stick in my mind more than others with some guests.
  13. Just over a week to go till I get to meet Ralph........a fav childhood movie and I get to meet him :-o Yes I admit I'm definitely looking forward to this.
  14. No nerves, just looking forward to it as always :)
  15. nosybird

    What Quotes Are You Getting ?

    Similar to GoldenGreen have never asked for one, but I have a few that have been added by the guests over the years :) I see them as a nice added extra they wanted to give when I get them.