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  1. This is exactly how I feel! Showmasters, well done on getting a fantastic and rare Aliens guest! More please (I'm greedy), you know that they're always popular. For me, William is THE guest of the entire show, I'm so excited that he is coming to LFCC. He did a small show in the Highlands in 2016 and other than that, I can't remember seeing him attending any other UK con in all the time I've been doing them. Does anyone know the last time he was signing at an event prior to the 2016 Scottish one?
  2. I third this! I was prepared for him to be a little uninterested or unresponsive but what we got was a warm, funny and genuine bloke who really made my day. He was hilarious in the talk and great in his shoots and at the signing table. I admit that when I realised that the Diamond photo was NOT a regular photoshoot, I was really disappointed because I didn't think much to the 2015 Christopher Lloyd Tombstone photos. If I'd had an option to switch my Diamond Tombstone shoot for a regular one, I would have taken it in a heartbeat......BUT........echoing Spengler's comment above, it was AMAZING and the backdrop really made the shoot something special. It's probably my favourite photo from the weekend. So happy to have had a chance to meet Tom and get his signature in my Sports Almanac. Such a legend.
  3. I wonder if the photographers are flexible enough to be able to take a 'normal' photo at the Diamond-only Tombstone shoot? By that I mean ignore the Tombstone deliberately and just take a normal torso shot. I saw the 2015 Christopher Lloyd Tombstone photos and personally, I'd not chose for that type of photo to be my only photo with Tom Wilson. I don't think I'm alone, hence the number of people asking if they can attend the regular shoot with their Diamond pass.
  4. If the schedule has been updated, can we have an idea of what has been updated please? Should we throw out any planning that was done on the previous schedules?
  5. Photo booked! Whoop!!!! This is an amazing announcement. Batch 9 after an hour. Wow! Is this a record in terms of speed of sales? Anyone know of anyone previously who sold quicker than Benedict?
  6. This is another great announcement for Sheffield! Thanks SM! I met her for an auto in London two years back and she was so lovely. I'm thrilled to get another chance to meet her and this time I will have time to get a proper photoshoot photo. Third Aliens guest at Sheffield and I am a very happy man!! Please keep them coming, SM!
  7. I've just noticed that there's not been any authors or comic book artists listed yet. Whilst I'm aware that it is only March and there's still plenty of time before the show for names to be added, I'm wondering if this absence represents a shift away from these kinds of guests. Was there an announcement that I missed?
  8. Dear Showmasters, I note the absence of the usual "Anyone with a photo shoot ticket will be refunded automatically". I presume this is still the case though?
  9. This makes me so happy! Only problem now is that I have to wait 9 months!!!! I've got a cast photo waiting for them both. Meeting Sigourney last year was a life-changing moment.....but I have to admit, I'm more excited about this than I was for London last year.
  10. Awesome!!!!!!!!!! This is SOOOOO darn amazing. I couldn't be happier. With both of Jeanette's UK appearances falling through this year, I was worried I'd never get a chance to meet her. Plus Mark Rolston at the same event!!!! Joint photo shoot please, Showmasters!!!
  11. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! After just crying out load that he cancelled for Newcastle next weekend, seeing this has made my day (this is my local Con). The only way this could be better? A joint photo shoot with Jeanette Goldstein!!! Please make it happen, SM!
  12. I'm naturally very disappointed but totally understand. I've never actually seen anyone cancel and then make it known which shows they are doing next year. This really takes the sting out of it and makes me very happy that we will all get a chance to meet him next year. Thanks for letting us know about next year, Mr Rolston.
  13. With this being the 30th Anniversary of 'Aliens', it would be amazing to add more 'Aliens' guests to go along with the already attending (and always awesome) Mark Rolston. William Hope (Lt. Gorman) did a rare UK appearance last weekend and it would be a real coup to add him to the line up.
  14. Cheaper yes, by £10 or £15 if memory serves. He's still the most expensive signer so far though. I've never been able to reconcile the price of his sig compared to other, better known people. Two years ago, he was more expensive than Carrie Fisher, gosh darn it!
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