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  1. His photo shoot on Friday appears to be a couple of hours before he is scheduled to arrive - time travel?!
  2. When you get to the signing area, each queue has a massive picture of the guest at the end of it, so they're quite easy to spot!
  3. Seen some go on the day before. Don't mean to panic you, but it can happen at any time. As can announcements!
  4. Bear in mind the process involves a lot of parts: - SM advise eventbrite - Eventbrite issue refunds via their bank - Their bank has to transfer to your bank Bank transfers are notoriously slow. If you bank with the same bank as eventbrite use (no idea who), you'd get your money faster than if you don't. The law says it has to be refunded in 21 days - my experience of SM is that it's always much, much quicker than that.
  5. It is always on full power at LFCC. It doesn't particularly work well, although I suppose it might be a lot hotter if it wasn't on!
  6. It's predicted to be a little cooler on Fri-Sun than the rest of this week. Currently BBC has it at 29 on Fri, 26 on Sat and 25 on Sun. Not too silly given recent weeks (and the fact it's >30 at the moment)!
  7. Problem is that, taking someone like Capaldi as an example, he'll already have 2 hours of photos, an hour for a talk and an hour for lunch. If you take another hour off for dealers then public signing time starts becoming very limited!
  8. I guess another point is that, if we banned dealers, you're potentially taking 100's of auto sales away. That could mean, for us, that a £75 auto becomes a £95 auto. A £25 becomes a £35, etc. Although I agree that they should have to do it in batches of say 20-25 rather than have someone with 70 odd in one go. I got stuck behind someone at a collectormania once who had about 50 football shirts to be signed. Took absolutely ages as he has to swap each one over, flatten it, hold it while it was signed, repeat, etc!
  9. You don't have to pick up DPs when you go in. For example, I'm going on Friday and have a DP for a Sat/Sun guest. I'll go and get my VTs, etc. and pick up the DP later in the day when it is quieter. (Of course, if you have a photoshoot at 9.30am for a DP guest I wouldn't advise that!).
  10. I have no ties to SM, but I can 100% guarantee you that those three will not do selfies!
  11. 25th anniversary Jurassic Park reunion would be a good one. Sam Neill, Laura Dern, Arianna Richards, Joseph Mazzello, etc!
  12. Suggestion that should be quite easy to implement! Make the boards at the end of the queues with the VQ numbers on bigger. At their current size people usually come up to 5-10m from it to see what it says (which is, of course, pretty much on top of the queue). If it were bigger, people could see it from further away and stay away from the queue!
  13. Rose McIver Rahul Kohli Abigail Spencer Matt Lanter Malcolm Barrett Winona Ryder
  14. 1. Work 2. Illness 3. Family Issues Sure there are many others, but they are the top three that I've seen over the years.
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