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  1. Another Doctor Who guest I'll be able to cross off my bucket list!
  2. I had considered the above, but doesn't it just mean more VQ tickets being given out, if DP holders who want/need more than one auto go for them too? Surely it means more people missing out on meeting DT on a VQ ticket, as those DP holders who have more than one item for signing will be meeting him twice? Do SM think, or know, that a significant number of DP holders will only want one auto? I guess we'll have to see how things pan out on the day. I had hoped to get two extra autos when I met DT using the DP, but that now won't be the case - I'll just have the one included auto. It won't hurt me to miss out on two autos, but it would have been nice to get them now. It does give me a fair amount to spend on other guests - if needed - so that's a bonus.
  3. What do SM hope to achieve by trying to make those of us with DPs for DT get VQ tickets if we want to buy more than one auto?
  4. Saves me the cost of two DT autos, as I won't get there early enough to get a decently low VQT.
  5. Sunday service on the Eizabeth Line is due to start on the 6th November.
  6. Cheers. Even if David & Jodie's standard photos start at 10, & are done in one session, as you say, I ought to be okay. If they do am & pm sessions, that would be great for me. To have a clash between their photo shoots would be madness.
  7. Thanks. IIRC photo shoots don't usually start until an hour after the show opens, so I'd have to be really unlucky for one of them to start before 10.30. Even then, I'd be slotted into the queue at a convenient point by the SM staff managing the queue, would I not? In an emergency, I could go straight from work, or maybe get there at 10, if going from home.
  8. I'll be finishing my nightshift at 6am Sunday. I won't get home until about 7.30, so I'm anticipating getting to Olympia about 10.30. Currently I just have DPs for DT & Jodie, so my late arrival shouldn't be a problem.
  9. I was told it was closed for a photo shoot & lunch. Wasn't a photo shoot for us, as checked in case the 3pm photo had been brought forward. What ever it was, Zoe was 30 minutes late coming back from that, which didn't help.
  10. Very nice person to meet. He was numbering the items he was signing (if that was ok with the attendee) & I was No 6. Wonder how long he carried on the numbering for?
  11. Got into LFCC at 9.30 on Saturday (my fault for taking an extra hour in bed) & got VQT 148. Finally managed to meet Zoe at 5.10. Is she known as a slow signer? Would be interesting what number VQ she got up to, or if she went open queue, as I guess quite a few VQT holders may have had to leave before meeting Zoe.
  12. Dread to think how much Dalton would be. I have a page in a Doctor Who book that I'd like him to sign, but not sure I'd be willing to pay the price for just one auto.
  13. Got 4 autos from Zoe today. 2 of the items had 'To Geoff' post-its on them, the other 2 didn't. She did ask if I wanted them 'To Geoff' as well, but made no fuss when I asked for auto only.
  14. 'We hope that this new system will be quicker, more efficient, and environmentally friendly as it will reduce waste.' Thanks for letting us know about the passes Mfahey79.
  15. The main entrance is the one leading into the hall (where the lower of the red swirls is). Last time this hall was where we queued, but this year it's being used for LFCC. I'm therefore assuming that we'll be queueing outside this time, and that bag search/weekend entry ticket collection will be right at the door, as you go in. When you come out of the train station, just turn left and there will be people there to guide you where to go, depending on whether you're going to enter the event, or collect your DPs and then enter the event.
  16. Do SM take £50 notes when paying for autos at the guest desks?
  17. Just had the following email - Hi Geoff Thank you for booking to see one of our diamond pass guests at London Film & Comic Con 2022. We are very excited to be back at Olympia London and to be able to bring you some of your film & TV heroes. We have a brand-new system for diamond pass collection which we wanted to let you know about. This email includes a scannable code that you will present when you get on site. This will instantly print your bespoke diamond pass based upon what you have ordered. We hope that this new system will be quicker, more efficient, and environmentally friendly as it will reduce waste. The location of where to pick these up remains the same as previously instructed and the passes can be collected at the Grand Box Office, opposite the train station. We look forward to seeing you at the event. The Showmasters Team Not sure if it means instead of handing us the envelope with the 'Dog Tag' in, the SM staff will print a DP there and then, or there is some sort of machine that scans the barcode & prints off the DP. Does this mean the end of the plastic dog tag? Will be interesting to see what form the new DPs take.
  18. I was at home, and just happened to turn on my laptop and check Twitter moments after SM announced David on there. Went straight to the shop, and got DP no 87.
  19. I have a book on the making of the 1996 Doctor Who movie, which has a chapter on the search to find the actor to play the 8th Doctor. Chris Barrie does appear on a list of actors to contact regarding the role, but it didn't go any further. I do have the chapter signed by Tony Slattery, who was screen tested, but obviously didn't get the role. If I get the chance, I'll get the other actors who screen tested for the role to sign it as well.
  20. Jeri's photoshoot is outside the building at her request. I guess SM didn't want to create a column in the schedule just for her, so they've put it in the 'Prop Shoot' column as a compromise.
  21. The passports are no longer mandatory for venues, though a small monthly signing I go to has only just stopped requiring them to be shown before entering. I've not seen anything yet regarding any rules for this year, but I expect Showmasters will clarify things nearer the event.
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