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  1. I'm happy i met him regardless of the price :)
  2. Would be nice to have an explanation to the price increase
  3. I thought the Alan Ruck, Ferris Bueller photos we're really bad quality
  4. I've always considered them a bonus, its a nice little freebie you get in with the autograph. If you want a photo that bad then book a photoshoot.... job done
  5. C Thomas Howell's agent/assistant? Maybe we should tweet the photo with the hashtag #FindThatGirl? (For those who don't know me, many of the things I write isn't serious. Only 0.01% of the time, they are). She's not the agent, That is some other guy. Maybe its just his girlfriend?
  6. It was a shame about the price increase, as I budgeted the 15. I'm glad a friend text me asking about the price, as if i went over with the 15 pounds I would of been embarrassed as I only took the money I budgeted for the event... I had to go out and withdraw more money out.
  7. That's Ralph's missus :-) no its not lol ...
  8. Really hope that this isn't true I think it is
  9. A little bird told me he saw that Ralph was charging 25 pounds so he thought he'd up his to 20 since they were both in The Outsiders...
  10. i hope the Ralph Macchio and & C Thomas Howell shoot don't sell out .........
  11. I think they expect the Sunday to be a lot quieter then the Saturday
  12. chloepop

    Showmasters Winter

    bring back bradley gregg <3
  13. chloepop

    Showmasters Winter

    It would be nice to have a massive Nightmare on elm street Reunion
  14. I would really like to meet some guests from this show please !!
  15. Stay Gold Ponyboy - C Thomas Howell Ferris Bueller, You're my hero - Alan Ruck What about everyone else?
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