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  1. Ioan Gruffudd as a guest hopefully :)
  2. Hi Showmasters! Would it be possible to approach Billy Zane's team for him to attend LFCC next year? He has started doing comic cons in the US & Europe in the last year. Thanks
  3. Since it's the 20th Anniversary of Angel, can we get some Angel guests? Charisma Carpenter would be a great guest and the likelihood of her attending would be high if she was invited. David Boreanaz has done some cons, but of course it would be unlikely he would attend (one can dream) Amy Acker, J August Richards...
  4. my money is on a Game of Thrones actor either Emilia Clarke or Kit Harrington - they already have some big GoT names announced this year.
  5. my guest suggestion who actually would attend if asked as he does a lot of con appearances in the United States & I personally would love to meet. Wes Studi Last of the Mohicans, Hell On Wheels, Penny Dreadful, Dances With Wolves, Avatar, Hostiles (2018)
  6. The film of my childhood was Titanic by James Cameron (I wore that video tape out) I doubt Kate Winslet or Leonardo DiCaprio would be an option for LFCC as they don't do cons at all but what about the other cast Billy Zane, Victor Garber, Frances Fisher, Bernard Hill, David Warner, ect. Thoughts?
  7. we have some Walking Dead actors but it would be great to have Frank Dillane or Alycia Debnam Carey announced
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