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  1. Quick question.. I'm going to book my photoshoot for Evy on the Saturday however I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to make it. If I could only do the Sunday, could I swap days or would I have to buy another tickets and just lose the money on the other? x
  2. Any footballers and F1 people. Specially ex-Liverpool players.x
  3. I'm not sure which day I can attend yet. If I got a photoshoot for Evy Lynch on for example the Saturday, then could only make it on the Sunday, would I be able to swap days? x
  4. Can you buy tickets on the door or do you need to buy in advance? x
  5. Would there be any chance at all of Oliver & James Phelps, or Tom Felton? x
  6. Aww awesome! Think I also will be attending now. When they say she's doing a talk do you need to pay for the photoshoot, an autograph and the talk all seperate? Also when will the photo ops be on sale? x
  7. But I was obvious about it lol I asked if It was ok to go back in and explained everything they didn't seem to care just gave me another ticket
  8. Nice Idea, but each person can only get one Virtual Ticket, so that wouldn't really work. But even if it did, doesn't solve the problem. Person 1 could get VT001 and VT100. They still get in front of VT 101. But it takes them longer to queue up twice than it would have been to just get all at once on one ticket. Have all your items ready, getting 5 done at once doesn't take long. I haven't read the entire post, so I'm sorry if my post seems stupid. I went to see the Phelps twins twice, with 2 different VTs. I went the first time for my autograph, then a friend asked me to ge
  9. Thought Anthony was lovely <3 Glad he allowed over the table photos as I couldn't afford the photo shoot x
  10. I'm too lazy to upload them all, but heres a few.
  11. Random question, but is it outdoors? haha cos I dunno with it being in a footie stadium..
  12. Does anyone know how long the James & Oliver Phelps photo op goes on for? x
  13. If anyone sees me wondering about looking lost on the Saturday feel free to come say hi haha x
  14. LOVE your photo with James Marsters!!
  15. Sadly I can't afford too many. Right now I'm only hoping to meet James & Oliver Phelps & Anthony Head. If I had more money, the list would be ALOT longer lol x
  16. Thanks. Is it possible to buy the tickets for the photo ops in MK at the minute? I know you can't get them online but I didn't know if you could in person before the day xx
  17. Do the photographers take more than one photo of you with the same guest? So you can have a normal one and a funny posed one? x
  18. Thanks everyone :) do you think he'll be signing before his photo op and leaving after he's done that? x
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