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  1. I would just like to say a big thank you to all the attendees, guests and crew, you were all amazing, thanks for such a wonderful time! Always a fun and friendly atmosphere throughout the weekend. I have never once been let down or disappointed at these events and 8.2 was definitely one of the best that I have attended. Looking forward to 8.3
  2. Here's some from my album, if the link works right http://imgur.com/a/hKHsk

    Thank you!

    I too would like to say a big thankyou to all. It was yet again another fantastic weekend with such great guests who were all so friendly, even Paul when I stood on his toe during the photoshoot, lol. Giles and fellow photographer (Sorry, I don't know his name) did an outstanding job as always, and the crew were so helpful throughout the weekend. A big hug goes out to all attendees, your all becoming like a second family and I look forward to seeing eveyone at 8.1. This was my 6th con with Massive Events and I have never been let down by them, well done guys for another memorable event
  4. I agree, Duet would be spot on, although The Shrine is one of my favourate McKay episodes but it would be too sad and you would have to put up with a grown man sobbing in the crowd . His acting in this is fantastic and so heartwrenching.
  5. Happy Birthday David Hope you have a great day good sir.
  6. This is fantastic news, It's going to be an amazing weekend. Well done ME.
  7. Sorry to hear you had such venue problems guys, I really enjoyed LoT and look forward to Lot2 when ever it becomes available.
  8. Peter Williams, he can DJ at the chill out party again like last time, top fella. Also, if you say you got Mitch Pileggi I will be your best buddy Mark, lol.
  9. Everytime on pop onto this board I get that little bit more excited each time as the con vibe starts to build up, it makes me feel like a little space monkey I think it's gonna be a good one, hee hee.....
  10. Forum Name - The 1st Dog Real Name - Mattie Age/Location - 35 / Warwickshire What Ticket have you got/are you getting? - Silver Most wanted guest for Cheveron 8.0? - Mitch Pileggi Other Cheveron attended - 7.2 / 7.6 / 7.7 / 7.9 Hotel? Con hotel Facebook/MySpace etc - Chat Email (MSN, Yahoo, AIM etc) - Favourite Movie? Stand By Me / Love Actually / Blade Runner Favourite Other TV Show(s)? Dr Who / BSG / Life On Mars Favourite Music? 60's, 70's / David Gray / Ray Lamontagne (too many to add) Anything else we need to know? I used to play drums in a band yrs back and can play seve
  11. Mitch Pileggi - Colonel Steven Caldwell Christopher Heyerdahl - Pallen / Halling / Todd The Wraith Robert Picardo - Richard Woolsey Claudia Black - Vala Mal Doran
  12. Yet again, another amazing weekend. The whole crew were fantastic and extremely helpful as they always are and the guests were so friendly and so much fun. And a big hug to all attendees, you guys are great. I look forward to seeing everyone again at 8.0. P.S. Thank you to Giles, The photos were perfect, great job m8.
  13. I'm curious, what did he say when you guys asked for a hugging pose? Was it a straightforward "No" or did he give a reason? For me, he didn't offer any options. I asked for a hugging picture and he mumbled something like "Ehhh.. I don't know.." I ignored (because it wasn't a total "no") and tried to put my hand to his left shoulder, but he just snapped "Don't do that" and pulled my hand away. I was so surprised that I couldn't think any other poses, so I ended up having two almost similar photos. The second photo was a portrait, not landscape, and there you can clearly see how uncomfortab
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