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  1. Stirling Moss hasn't been for a few events now, would be good to see him again.. Snooker players old or new Boxer Terry Downes
  2. Hoping Bob Wall will be rescheduled for this event... Or, Bolo Yeung who wants to do appearances in UK according to his website and Facebook, John Saxon, Dolph Lundgren, Apollo Creed Fingers crossed for an announcement from an action movie.
  3. Such a shame, from his popularity on here please try to reschedule, the Novemeber CM MK would be ideal! Or bring different Bruce Lee movie co stars over... Hope to see an announcement on the CM website
  4. Ok, I appreciate the replies, I may give it a miss on this occasion Thanks again for your advice
  5. Thank you for the reply, so there would be know way that I could get a pic with him over the signing table later on in the day?
  6. Hi I am wanting get a photo with Bob Wall, I'm living in Cornwall and can't get down to the photoshoot for the time schedule, would I be able to buy a photoshoot ticket on the day and use that to get a photo with him over the table? I look forward to your reply Best iiii
  7. iiii


    For only one man and a boxer that's been before it's a long way to travel and very expensive, shame there isn't more if either bruce lee co stars or boxers
  8. iiii


    I'm with quite a few other people on here, Bolo Yeung would have been the man with Bob Wall, he's looking to do a your too
  9. Will there be any other boxers to accompany Roberto Duran?
  10. I agree with Zagreus, be good to make the most of these people while they at able, get the younger people over when the older generation can't. John Saxon, Bolo Yeung, Kareem Abdul Jabaar and Chuck Norris would certainly head line, here's hoping for more
  11. Brilliant Bruce Lee guest, any other Bruce Lee co stars would be great; John Saxon and Bolo Yeung would be great, you have the connection with Jean Claude Van Damme blockbusters too. Or to accompany him from Way Of The Dragon, Chuck Norris? They'd be great.
  12. Just heard Arnold Schwarzenegger is over in the UK in November, it's not possible...is it? Think Eric Roberts x 5000000 Would be once in a life time if you pulled that off SM
  13. Hi Does anyone have the link to the pro photo shoot pics that you an download? Thanks
  14. My vote is with Mo Farah, British Olympic Hero...look at the crowds for the London marathon, be great to meet him
  15. Heard Leon Spinks is in the country during Collectormania dates, Ali special with spinks would be great!
  16. Absolutely huge announcement! Would be great to see Eubank and Watson together again, my shoots have been purchased. thanks SM
  17. Foreman has to be the top boxing guest that SM could get at this moment in time!
  18. Can anyone tell me if Shavers is doing a photo shoot? Can't find it in the store?? Thanks
  19. The great Sterling Moss hasn't been for a while? Would be good to meet him again. Any chance of getting Geoff Capes too? Know he did the Newcastle event, MK would be good! Still hoping for John Saxon too
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