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  1. I contacted the shop more than two days ago about an upgrade to the throne shot, because the regular shot is scheduled too late for me. Is there a known problem with the Shop email?
  2. Emperor regular is too late for my travel plans now, is there any way to upgrade to the throne shot? What do I do? How does an upgrade work? Is there an email?
  3. Probably too late for this show, but 2018 is the 20th anniversary of the release of Lock Stock - time for a principal character reunion, unless Statham is too pricey!
  4. Got to applaud the fresh and creative sports bookings...time to get some Olympic legends if at all possible!
  5. I would like to hope (schedules permitting) that they try to get as many former world champs there as possible. Can you imagine every PDC champ from 1994 onwards being there?? Sadly CM is the same weekend as the World Cup of darts so it probably rules out van Barneveld, van Gerwen, Anderson and possibly Part/Lewis...leaving Priestley as a possible...
  6. One should not have to run their pic through a mono filter to get an image they are happy with - and even that requires it to be properly exposed. I hope the SM guys are able to respond soon to our concerns on this.
  7. Fair enough, hopefully the passion and concern is conveyed to those who can address this situation as soon as is feasibly possible.
  8. That pic, although not quite up to regular SM standards, looks fine. It is the Friday ones that were way, way below what everyone expects.
  9. Really grateful that you are trying to do this from overseas - please keep us all posted. As I (and others) have said, if any refunds were issued then there is a real issue here. Those on Saturday on Sunday at least had half a chance to prepare themselves in terms of asserting their position. Those of us attending on Friday (and Friday only) were heading down a one-way street, not knowing what we were going in to. The reality here is that if I was there on Friday and hadn't yet pulled the trigger on buying a Sat/Sun photo-op, the money would have stayed well inside my wallet once I saw pe
  10. Thanks for the reply - if you hear any more, would be good to know. Feels a bit poor that we (as customers) were led into this with no prior warning. If nothing else, it is another thing the SM team have to factor in when sorting out talent contracts and warn/inform well in advance.
  11. If the earlier poster is telling the truth about a refund, then everyone should surely get one. I argued the point in the line BEFORE my pic was taken as I had seen people leaving with their awful prints. I got the 'this is all down to Pammy" which is fair enough - but I was only there today and no chance of a second attempt over the weekend.
  12. Now Harry has been made the permanent Birmingham City manager, it would be good to know if that affects his appearance here in anyway - really looking forward to meeting him (hopefully)!!
  13. Hopefully the batches are adhered too, unlike another show I was at on Friday...
  14. Can Showmasters please note this and ensure ALL staff working the event are fully briefed to challenge people on this. It isn't on, and even medical experts are now saying that they should be restricted like regular smoking in buildings. Close thread.
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