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  1. Any chance of booking him for Collectormania please?
  2. Chuck Norris, Bolo Yeung would be great
  3. Brilliant guest, would be great to get some boxing champs from overseas Chavez Sr, Morales, Cotto, Micky Ward, Tarver, De La Hoya, Mosley, Pacman, Chuvalo, Leon and Michael Spinks Naz, Lennox Lewis?
  4. Great guest!! Some more strong men would be awesome!!
  5. Any chance of Rowan Atkinson to compliment Tony Robinson? Carl Weathers would be great to compliment the film area and boxers - And Creed 2 Michael Crawford...
  6. iiii

    Guest Suggestion thread

    Michael Crawford
  7. iiii

    Guest Suggestion thread

    Be great to get Bob Wall rescheduled for this event. John Saxon and George Lazenby haven't been to any events recently Sammo Hung, Bolo Yeung Carl Weathers
  8. iiii

    Guest Suggestions start here!

    Be great to see Stirling Moss back again, if he's still well enough
  9. Great guest! Apologies if this is an obvious question, is Dolph only doing a talk on Sunday? So the diamond pass will only get full use then? If I booked a diamond pass and a ticket for Friday I wouldn't get a talk on that day too? Can only see mention of a talk for the Sunday?? Thanks in advance
  10. iiii

    Guest Suggestions

    Carl Weathers please? Bolo Yeung George Lazenby John Saxon Bob Wall
  11. iiii

    Guest Suggestions start here!

    Yes to Shannon Briggs! Be good to get some new boxing names that haven't met or been before... Carl Thompson Lloyd Honeyghan Jim Watt Terry Downes Naseem Hamed Tyson Fury Overseas be great to see Morales Micky Ward Chavez Sr Iran Barkley
  12. iiii

    Guest Suggestions start here!

    Great to see some sports guests at a Showmasters event again. George Foreman would be number 1 for me, last of the great 1970s heavyweight legends that is slightly possible.. Be good to get Ricky Hatton to this part of the country, Naz would be great, Bellew would be popular with Creed just coming out, maybe Antonio Tarver too. Andy Murray? Be good to go in to Olympians like a few people have already said too, Farrah, Ennis, Bolt, Daley Thompson, Rodger Bannister? Any snooker players active or retired... Sterling Moss hasn't been for a while either...
  13. iiii

    Guest suggestions

    Please please please...Bob Wall, being as he cancelled Autographica, Bolo Yeung, John Saxon. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, all Bruce Lee co stars..be nice to get some guests to test the water for the Collectormania events that are a little different to the genre that always seems to be the same. Carl Weathers, Mr T, Dolph Lundgren, Antonio Tarver from the Rocky Movies. Hoping for something a little different for the fans who don't like GOT, Dr Who, Star Wars and so on.
  14. iiii


    Joshua is a brilliant boxing guest, wonder if Naz would be up for it...
  15. Fantastic guest, hoping there's still room for a couple more first time Showmasters boxers. There's so many to choose from. There's only Joshua that the regular showmasters attenders haven't met before..