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  1. Lmao if people are keep bringing up the same points over and over, after event after event, then isn't it about time you did something about then instead of moaning about people moaning about the same things. A flat tyre doesn't fix itself, lmao. Yes we can see exactly where you are coming from!
  2. Thanks for that, some kind of official response would have been nice. Some of us don't use twitter and besides why should we have to check other sites to find out about things that we should be told here? If there is a delay posting tickets for whatever reason this is the place to tell people. It's the professional and polite thing to do!
  3. Hi, When will the tickets be posted please? Only they're a week late and I'd like to know what autographs I've been assigned so I can work out my budget to get the ones I really need. Thanks
  4. That would be an really excellent idea. I've always had to rely on lip reading which can be really difficult and frustrating at times, especially if you're sat some place thats not really suitable or someone 'eats' the mike. I have bought some binoculars for this event to try and reduce the amount of stuff that I miss but an interpreter would be even better.
  5. I don't usually like dressing up and that, is it just for the one day then or the whole event? If it's just one day then I don't mind helping out and joining in and wearing a uniform thing if it helps break the record.
  6. I agree with you on that Dave. I bought a gold and then was told my carer could get a pass so she could do her job and look out for me but people whined about carers getting passes. So just to shut the whiners up I have paid for a gold ticket for my carer so why should VIP's be allowed to take people intio their private room just to keep them happy, their pals aren't exactly essential or performing a task?! If VIP's want extra perks they should pay.
  7. I do so hope so, he's a really nice guy and has a great sense of humour. 20-40 guests!! Oh my, I'd better stock up on angina spray I think! Got a gold pass tonight for my carer just so there are no snafu's, hotel booked, train booked. All I need to do now is go bankrupt getting money for all the autographs and pics lol. I don't intend on missing anyone out lol, even the ones I already got lol. Now if Mr. Nimoy can be enticed out of retirement then my joy shall be complete
  8. LEONARD NIMOY ROBERT PICARDO GEORGE TAKEI NICKY DeBOER (She snogged my face off last time and I'd like seconds please. lol)
  9. I do have to confess that whenever anyone mentions 'Trek' or I think about it, I always think 'SPOCK'. Of the various Trek actors there has always been two that I have really wanted to meet and that is Mr Nimoy and Mr Robert Picardo. Although having said that I am still so thrilled to bits at getting a ticket to go to this event. For me it's a dream come true. Thank you so very very much
  10. Thanks very helpful Hiya, Thanks for the clarification MrTooTall, very helpful of you. Cheers
  11. I've always had to pay for mine and with train tickets, hotels, food etc it makes it real expensive so I tend not to go to as many now unless it's something real special. You could always ask but I have always been told no you have to pay
  12. Thats good to know, thanks, will save a lot of money. It's real annoying paying extra for people that aren't really interested in something they take you to and then having to listen to them moan and groan about queues etc. My carer has just phoned and been told that tickets have to be bought at the venue and to produce DLA documentation. I was hoping to get a silver or maybe even a gold package online and am worrried they'll be all sold out if I wait until I get there to buy one. Any thoughts, suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Sigourney Weaver please, to continue the growing trend in Alien theme of guests.
  14. An excellent coup indeed. Another proper 'A' list celeb. First Derek Jacobi and then John Hurt and now Dame Diana. It is excitingly encouraging to seeing the bar being raised for the level of guests attending events. Not to take anything away from some of the excellent mainstream performers that have attended so far but I was begining to become discouraged by the number of prima donnas, wannabes and 'one hit wonders' at these events. Keep up the good work
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