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    Picture Mayhem

    Not really pictures but heres my videos of Molotov Dukebox, to view the rest (theres six in total) just look in the related videos sidebar.
  2. Undesirable

    All in All

    I thought it was going to be November of this year :/ But next year will be in the run up towards Deathly Hallows Part one which is good.
  3. Undesirable

    All in All

    Fantastic event, I was pretty skeptical at first but I had an amazing time, the guests were great especially Robbie, and the crew were lovely. Depending on my situation I would love to go to the next one in November.
  4. Undesirable

    New convention!

    Seen as im arriving on saturday afternoon, will the registration process still be as per normal?
  5. Undesirable

    Leaving it a bit late?

    Any indication of when the main guests will be announced? I really need to know before I book.
  6. Undesirable

    Guest Suggestions

  7. Undesirable

    Rupert Grint & Jamie Campbell Bower

    They will be filming the Bill/Fleur wedding at the time of the con. Rupert Grint would never do something like this, its mad asking for the trio as it just isn't going to happen.
  8. Undesirable

    I kind of wish...

    I certainly wouldn't pay £43 to meet a bunch of potterfans