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  2. Beg to differ, been to enough of these cons over the last 20 years to know. You’re assuming a long and laboured discussion about each item to be signed, which SM staff are quick to stamp out. This is how it goes: Quick greeting, several items passed conveyor belt style to the guest, signed in quick succession, job done, thanks given and attendee on their way. So to recap - one single greeting, multiple items signed, thanks and cheerio. Negligible signing time or discussion involved. Next customer please, by the way no reason for attendees to hang around all day to have additional items signed causing congestion. This new way means attendees have to hang around, go back with the VQ, creating even more queuing, additional greet time and discussion, inevitably slowing down the process unnecessarily whilst creating general annoyance for con-goers all around. Re DP’s not being fulfilled, ultimately if people haven’t got an item signed from the DP, this more likely comes down to SM overselling them. The upshot of the new rule means that you not only have an undervalued DP in terms of SM overselling it, but then under-delivering in terms of VFM. This leaves a nasty taste even before you consider the legality of arbitrarily changing the terms/conditions post sale of the DP’s. As the late, great Stan Lee (whose last U.K. appearance was so bungled and oversold by SM, thus giving rise to the DP) said: ‘Nuff Said.
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