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  2. Are we able to bring our own selection of Sharpie pens along for guests to sign with? I had a poster last year signed by two guests in black as that was all they had and it's very difficult to see on a dark blue background. Thanks in advance :)
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  4. I'd imagine Sylvester McCoy would be one. At the Spring LFCC, he asked for distancing in his photoshoots. Didn't see him wearing a mask then, but he may do now given rising numbers.
  5. Possibly the second. They do issue batches even with smaller attended shoots, but occasionally there's gremlins in the shop, so this is likely the latter.
  6. Does that mean not many have been sold then, or they'll be 100s turning up at once?
  7. Yup always go for colours on the opposite side of the spectrum for best results, and if the item is dark, use a light colour, and if it's light use a dark one. That's why I prefer solid colour backgrounds as it makes it so much easier for signing. As much as multi colour images are pretty, it can make choosing a pen hard as nothing stands out.
  8. Just go at the start, when there's no batch numbers they used to regard them a 0 or 1
  9. Grrroovy no, probs won't change for a Loong grrovy time.
  10. My eyes nearly fell out when I saw the exact figures for you-know-what, my friend thought only between 15,000 and 20,000 on average a day were getting it but its more than double that... I'd better suit up, multiple goggles and masks and be a snowwwwmaaaaan... Ps do u mind if I ask who these may b?
  11. Celebration just gone in California required masks and only about half were actually wearing inside, they just took them off. Apparently SDCC is requiring masks and covid negative tests, have to see how that goes in due course later this month. And those are the only two events this year I’m aware of that have has any sort of protective requirement. So I’m not predicting anything else, left to your discretion based on how Spring event went. All the staff were wearing, very few others were, even the guests.
  12. It’s gonna be DP or nothing to meet him quite possibly
  13. I'm planning on seeing Nate. I'm hoping he'll sign my body. Cosplaying as Nate. If I'm lucky enough, I'll pick up Nate. Yeah, welcome to the Nate Appreciation Society.
  14. I think the forums are largely abandoned, and all the action has moved to Facebook. We used to have an FAQ for new attendees, now there is nothing. It's a shame.
  15. Glad to hear some people will be wearing masks, and I won't be the only one. I have a Scotland holiday planned directly after LFCC, so if I get covid it will f- up those plans even if it is a mild case. So I'm going to be as careful as possible, and hopefully I won't get it.
  16. Think while masks are a hot-button topic, an even hotter-button topic will be the sanitation of the Gaming Zone. Will they require people to sanitise their hands before & after using controllers? Will they be avoiding any VR games? Edit: Just a disclaimer, I'm not downplaying the risk of not wearing masks, but if memory serves, they didn't have video games zones at the previous two Cons, so I'm interested to see how they'll do this.
  17. Probably the biggest guest for me now this weekend, but as I'm only there Friday/Saturday I'm pretty worried about my chances
  18. That's terrible, if true. They could say anything. "Come to the Scalextric stand, where you might see a Unicorn pooping chocolate!!!"
  19. Odd. Its quite along time for the photo shoot too, so am guessing a lot have been sold.
  20. Am only going Sunday and fingers crossed will be having photos with Alex Kingston Jeri Ryan Danielle Nicolet and Claudia Wells and hopefully getting Autos from Philip Glenister Alex Kingston Jeri Ryan Danielle Nicolet Dee Wallace Michael Ironside and possibly Robert England
  21. I met Claudia a few years back at LFCC she is really nice you will like her i got her autograph and photo on my phone am having a proper photo taken with her this time am also having photos with Alex Kingston and Danielle Nicolet
  22. As there has been another guest announced Alexandra Essoe i think there will be some more announced this week maybe to make up for the ones that can no longer attend
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