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  2. Guest Suggestions

    With Red Dwarf season 12 finished i would love the Dwarfers to make an apperance at LFACC next year and to make it more worth it its also the 30th anniversary come on showmasters you no it makes sence
  3. Red Dwarf Season 12

    The question i would like to ask is it better the smeg and was it worth the wait to me i say it deffently was and i cant wait for Season 13 to be made
  4. Guest Suggestions

    Melissa Benoist (Supergirl, Glee, Whiplash & Homeland) Ethan Erikson (Buffy, Melrose Place & Fashion House) Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone 1 & 2, Kings, My Girl & Saved) Mena Suvari (American Beauty, American Pie, Six Feet Under & Chicago Fire) Jason Hall (Buffy, American Sniper, CSI Miami & My Beautiful Me) Hinton Battle (Buffy, Dreamgirls & Quantum Leap)
  5. Guest suggestions.

    I know Walter Keonig and William Shatner are coming next year so the other guests on my wishlist are Sir Patrick Stewart Laurel Goodwin Celeste Yarnall Nichelle Nichols George Takei Eddie Paskey Bobby Clark Gary Combs LeVar Burton Christopher Doohan Rod Roddenberry Christopher Lloyd Karl Urban Benadict Cumberbatch Simon Pegg Chris Pine Adam Nimoy And Zachary Quinto
  6. Guest Suggestions

    He would definitely be a popular guest, along with any other Marvel TV peeps.
  7. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Hi SGA, if you want guests for a specific show it's always best to post in the request thread of that forum, this is more for generic requests.
  8. Guest Suggestions

    Aron Eisenberg
  9. The films you've seen, in 2017

  10. Gift vouchers

    I have not heard anything either way so far.
  11. Photoshoot Prop Suggestions

    Or of course if you are really good you could build them yourself and then rent them to SM. Jason would be all ears for those two Star Wars ideas if it is possible.
  12. LFACC Pre-Orders have started shipping!

    I'm sorry guys. I have been on holiday since October 29, and unfortunately my lovely US SIM card ceased working almost 2 weeks ago. I have followed up again.
  13. Guest Suggestions

    The Punisher came out today, so maybe Jon Bernthal?
  14. Guest Suggestions

    David Bradley so I can try again for his auto.
  15. years of regret

    That's too highbrow for me.
  16. Latest Guest Announcement - SARA DYLAN

    oooh nice GoT guest there
  17. Guest Suggestions

    Arrowverse cast
  18. Last week
  19. Guest Suggestions

    Lindsay Crouse (Buffy, LA Dragnet & Law & Order) Chad Lindberg (Supernatural, CSI: NY, I Spit On Your Grave & Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.) Shiri Appleby (Roswell, ER, Swimfan, Six Degrees, Girls, Un-Real & Life Unexpected) Michael Stoyanov (The Dark Knight & Blossom) Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, S Darko, The Last Airbender & Aim High) Kaley Cuoco (The Big Bang Theory, Charmed, 8 Simple Rules & 6Teen)
  20. Guest suggestions

    Dark Matter guests, please David Hewlett Jeff Teravainen Roger Cross Anthony Lemke Melissa O'Neil Jodelle Ferland Alex Mallari Jr Zoie Palmer
  21. Still waiting. It is a worry when I can order from USA and those can arrive before autos ordered from this country.
  22. years of regret

    Ohh a programme about Dick King Smith's famous book in a railway station?
  23. Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Guests for Cardiff, please. David Hewlett (Stargate Atlantis, Dark Matter) Jeff Teravainen (Dark Matter, 12 Monkeys) Roger Cross (Dark Matter) Anthony Lemke (Dark Matter)
  24. years of regret

    Got it. Babestation.
  25. years of regret

    I'm willing to say that I watch it, I'm not willing to admit what it is.
  26. years of regret

    ...Is that you, David?
  27. years of regret

    Name and shame (yourself) please. Personally, I don't watch any rubbish tv. Last Saturday evening I watched 11 episodes of Neighbours. Heaven.
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