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  2. From a recent Showmasters facebook sale. Brian Wheeler, Bobby Bell, Alan Bennett, Sarah Bennett, Willy Coppen & Steven Fitzalan
  3. Today
  4. Hi sadly as the event that was due to take place this weekend had to be postponed due to the ongoing pandemic I Thought We Could Look Back On Past Cons And Relive Fond Memories Through Pictures And Look Forwad To Next Years Event
  5. If only I’m sure he will join eventually though!
  6. Yesterday
  7. No, he seemed to be in a mood as he was a bit hoff.
  8. I hope you didn't hassle him to get that?
  9. Beverly Washburn from the Original Star Trek series
  10. Well I can't spend it all on wool and strippers.
  11. Stephanie Corneliussen and Martin Wallström
  13. I've just started How To Get Away With Murder. It's weird seeing Alfred Enoch speaking with an American accent.
  14. I also watched Black Butterfly. I really loved it, it was such a good movie, right up until the last 30 seconds when the second plot twist happened... way to ruin your film.
  15. Looks like someone's pension cheque came in.
  16. Graham McTavish Cobie Smulders Andy Serkis Daniel Kaluuya T Tessa Thompson
  17. Last week
  18. And if Big Finish could persuade Peter as well.......... *sigh* ........
  19. So happy he’s back it’s been 15 years!
  20. Better late than never, it's a lovely film
  21. The Truman Show. Only, what, 24 years late?
  22. I couldn't get into Dark Matter. I only liked a couple of the characters (I can't remember which numbers they were), and I don't think I made it to the end of the first season.
  23. Ronny Cox as Captain Edward Jellico in Star Trek The Next Generation
  24. One day ago Jason Joiner posted this on facebook (btw: I wasn't the one who asked):
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