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  2. Screen used signed Who prop https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Eve-Myles-Signed-Screen-Used-Headed-Paper-Gwyneth-in-Doctor-Who-The-Unquiet-Dead/143613261004?hash=item21700474cc:g:Si4AAOSwgtpeybYN
  3. Last week
  4. Or a server error but that seems a bit mundane.
  5. It's official. Anything you saw on here yesterday was a figment of your imagination. MIA!
  6. With the 14day quarantine for incoming travellers announced today, unless these restrictions are lifted by the middle of July, we are unlikely to see any International guests/visitors even if the event does go ahead
  7. Just a few reasons to be on Twitter tomorrow at 5pm. Voiced by some very good impressionists. Should be interesting.
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Multi-Autographed-Doctor-Who-Experience-Official-Companion-Guide-Steven-Moffat/143610424492?hash=item216fd92cac:g:XPsAAOSwaj1exVKQ
  9. Apparently from what's going on is that anything massive event wise i.e. LFCC, Collectormania etc will not be back up and running until next year. I can't see the likes of pubs/clubs reopening quickly if they have to place the rules of COVID-19 in like 2 meters apart etc, I honestly can see everything media and stuff we do like cinemas, conventions, shows, pubs/clubs will be reopening not at least until 2021.
  10. Just a heads up peeps, dunno if you listened to the radio, but apparently the government has put a stricter procedure with people coming in from united states or anywhere else in the world that they MUST quarantine themselves for two weeks or face a £1000 fine if they do not.
  11. I don't mind as long as the whole kit is robust when fully assembled. Nothing worse than bits just snapping off.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2020/staged New show with Tennant and Sheen coming soon.
  13. *Issue 47 only £12, due to disappointingly small size of body part.
  14. I already have at least 60 odd pop funko's. I succumbed ages ago. Missy wasn't the only pop funko I bought...
  15. Ah you got Johnny Lee Miller’s auto I want!
  16. You have no idea of the mental image I'm getting. Sweet dreams.....
  17. Exactly* * lightning and kite not included. Final results from reanimation may vary. De Agostini do not admit to any legal liabilities in the event of any rampaging.
  18. Build your own Peter Capaldi. Introductory offer £1.99. Subsequent body parts £99.99. Available weekly. Subscribe now!
  19. Head in a jar then. Has to be his head in a jar just like in Futurama.
  20. Thought you might be acquiring him one piece at a time like a macabre De Agostini kit
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