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  2. Have just seen MyAnna Buring. What an incredibly nice person she is. So friendly and has lots of time for her fans. Just wish that everyone was like this.
  3. Got any pictorial memories you'd like to share with the class. Guest meets, photo sessions, talks, cosplay. Anything. Everything. Third time lucky for me. The wonderful Charles Dance. Worth getting wet for.
  4. The ones that have been announced have been posted.
  5. Sorry I have seen these. I meant any others that have not been announced on here already. Thanks.
  6. Wandering if all the other guests are there this morning.
  7. Today
  8. Ask the crew at the door. Queen isn't at the event and is in Germany so she may not see this for a bit or be able to get through to anyone at the show for you, so really all I can urge you to do is speak to people there. Go to the Info or Organisers desk if the crew outside can't help.
  9. Been standing here for 2 hours now, front of the queue tho
  10. London Comic Con Spring 6 mins ยท We are sorry to announce that Bernard Cribbins and Stephanie Leonadis are unable to attend the event this weekend. They send their apologies. All photo tickets will be refunded automatically
  11. Just realized I Misread the question.....
  12. hello @Queen_Sindel, i'm right outside the main entrance to comic con. Do you think it's possible to see Jill?
  13. It does say for free in the video
  14. Is the queue under the lip of the building (i.e. not in the rain)?
  15. There usually isn't a new schedule if someone cancel, because the only change is that his places in the schedule will be empty. There will be schedules posted on walls at the con, check these for any new updates while there.
  16. Queuing to get in this morning is a joke. Queued one place from 6am and been moved 3 times, losing my place in the queue each time...
  17. If you can't get in the Olympia car park Google justpark.com. I have found that useful in the past.
  18. Does anyone know if we could park in Olympia car park? Or is there another car park nearby that anyone would recommend?
  19. Hi. Is there an update schedule for this morning to reflect Greg Clarkes' cancellation?
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