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  2. Malcolm in the Middle Frankie Muniz - Malcom Jane Kaczmarek - Lois Bryan Cranston - Hal Christopher Kennedy Masterson - Francis Justin Berfield - Reese Erik Per Sullivan - Dewey
  3. sorry but I don't know where u've got ur info from as i can't c where charities r 'being told to cancel their events', and the children thing. Sorry but if there's not a big thing in the news no-one will take notice in what u've said there. Also disappointing to c a popular G again cancel this year, already i haven't done that 'G' within my grroovy disco-y past I was just talking to my friend who's getting very worried now after cing as we both believe events should b able to go ahead as early as April/May. I think he might b putting in some of writing to get them to focus on the events
  4. yes i think was grrovily someone called Maud Hirst
  5. Well...... I could imagine that I have been blown out of the water. But it would be nice to see what you have
  6. Just seen the sad new that Mira Furlan has passed peacefully at the age of 65. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-55763658 She has gone beyond the rim to new adventures.
  7. ARCHIVE (2020) 3/5 (No spoilers) This could have been a great cyber-punk thriller if it wasn't for the poor and often confusing editing. ARCHIVE tells the story of an isolated widower (Theo James) secretly working on resurrecting his dead wife's conscience (Stacy Martin) in an android-body. Basically its BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN (1935) fused with a whole bunch of other A.I. thrillers. DON'T go into this film knowing nothing, watch the trailer first, because the set-up is not clear; you need to understand the wife IS dead from the start. But the biggest hurdle I had in this film
  8. George Lazenby would be good because I missed out on him in 2019 when he came to London
  9. George Lazenby would be a amazing guest for 2022 as I missed out on the chance to meet him when he came to London Comic Con Spring in 2019, plus 2022 is the 60th anniversary of the Bond Franchise
  10. George Lazenby would be a good guest to meet as I missed out on meeting him at the last London comic con
  11. Can't you just take my word for it that you've been blown out the aforementioned water?
  12. Still waiting to be blown out of the water @natedammit Are you going to show us your merchandise?
  13. We're almost certainly locked down until end of April earliest me thinks... probably later. Kiss those summer cons goodbye.
  14. Has anyone from Vikings been to one of these events?
  15. Agree - II think lots of people were optimistic at the start of the year, but the reality is right now staring us in the face - lots of charities are now being told to cancel events through Summer, Schools & Universities are being told to prepare digital learning experiences for September onwards, children are being told not to have offline friends at all but to have a digital friend, the Chancellor is telling people in creative industries & the arts they should probably retrain for jobs in a fully digital economy, and Sir Patrick Vallance said just now that the vaccine will have no im
  16. Has any Vikings actors even been to London film comic con?
  17. Only sometimes? I welcome your promise of October (a quiet month for me), and look forward to seeing the result with enormous anticipation.
  18. Skyscraper HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA This film does not care about the laws of physics at all
  19. 1) Read some of the many books on my to do list 2) Actually watch the Mandalorian rather than keep saying I'll start it next week Erm that is for now I believe
  20. Did I? I probably did. Oh well, life sucks sometimes doesn't it. On that note, I have just found a pattern that could work, but have a couple of projects on the go at the moment, so I could possibly have it ready for you around, oh I don't know, October?
  21. The only time I do the middle one is when I'm running for the bus...
  22. Touché. But you know as well as I know that once your in that pop funko vortex, your never getting out.
  23. Sort out a storage for my autos/photos. Buy a prop/piece of memorabilia. (I have always thought about it, but I've never seen anything I've wanted to commit too). Come up with an idea to cosplay next year at a con. I've never done it before. ( a year should be enough time to plan, right?? )
  24. DISENCHANTMENT Abbi Jacobson - Princess Bean Eric Andre - Luci Nat Faxon - Elfo John DiMaggio - King Zog Tress MacNielle - Oona/Derek/Druidess Maurice LaMarche - Odval Billy West - Sorcerio/Jester Meredith Hagner - Mora the Mermaid
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