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  1. My wife and I would like to thank the cosplayers who were so nice to our son and let him have pictures with them and thanks to great Sm staff who were all helpful. Special thanks to Tamara at the doors who then took him up to meet Tatanka who was also brilliant with Damian all above and beyond your duties it's nice to go somewhere where everybody is so good with someone who has autism. You all have made his first experience at a con worth while we all thank you very much and he can't wait to come back next year, the smile has not left his face all night. Would highly recommend to other parents with autistic children.
  2. Have you done any others looks fantastic
  3. Met him in London this year was brilliant very nice and talkative
  4. Cheers for that will probably take him Sunday should have said he's 20 but still my kid
  5. I am going all weekend but my autistic son loves seeing the cosplayers and he is only going one day just wondering what day would be best for him
  6. I thought the horror guests at London where great saw most of them favourite was Tobe Hooper year before saw Tobin Bell both had a chat with me both very friendly would love purely horror con but can't complain with the quality Sm get for there cons
  7. I am definitely going to this I thank you but my wife doesn't
  8. What about Jasmine Gray or Mandy Patinkin both have been in lots of great stuff on TV and movies
  9. Love some those myself especially Animaniacs and Dead like me
  10. Ok thanks
  11. Anyone know if or when comic guests will be announced
  12. I have gave above some thought and agree this would be better but does mean it could result in less diamond passes being sold then have a knock on affect of the quality of diamond pass guest. Maybe a solution would be where the silent auction table was have a vq table for diamond guests orderly queues no mass scrum At same place have large info board telling people which vq no up to to save all the milling about at end of queues Larger and clearer signage to show vq numbers Keeping themed from same TVs shows together Move silent auction back to same place as 2016 The improvement in the comic area was fantastic
  13. I got 14 Doctor Who guests at this years lfcc and there was more I don't think they are doing to bad but hope they keep up the good work
  14. Here's my list Nightmare on elm st Robert Englund,Heather Langenkamp Exorcist Linda Blair , Max Von Sydon Hellraiser Doug Bradley,Clare Higgins,Andrew Robinson,Simon Bamford,Nicholas Vince,Oliver Smith Leprechaun Warwick Davis, Jennifer Anniston ,Mark Holton