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  1. RIP Harry Dean Stanton

    I am genuinely saddened by this news. I loved him in The Godfather Part 2 and, of course, Alien. RIP
  2. I agree with that idea
  3. 2018 Anniversaries

    Terminator 3 is 15 next year
  4. 2018 Anniversaries

    Open all Hours is 35 next year... David Jason ...
  5. 2018 Anniversaries

    Goodnight Sweetheart is also 25 next year, so Nicholas Lyndhurst has to happen!
  6. 2018 Anniversaries

    Next year is the 25th anniversary of the last episode of Only Fools and Horses airing, so the cast of that are a must.
  7. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Batman Returns
  8. Guest Suggestions

    And Schwarzenegger of course
  9. I hope it will be soon
  10. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Transformers: The Last Knight- Slightly better than the last one, but still not very good. The Rocky Horror Picture Show- Still very entertaining.
  11. The films you've seen, in 2017

    IT (2017)- Amazing! Watch It! Bill Skarsgard killed it as Pennywise.
  12. The films you've seen, in 2017

    You can watch it. If you think of it as a standalone movie it is Ok, its just not good compared to the anime
  13. Guest Suggestions

    Bruce Willis
  14. 2017 is Dave Prowse last year of appearancea

    He was so lovely at LFCC. I'm glad I caught it when I did. It just won't feel right without him.
  15. Whoever it is, I just hope it's soon
  16. Three Words

    greatly enjoy wearing
  17. Your Favourite Autographs?

    I guess my entire Doctor Who collection is my most prized. I would post the images but it would be a very long post
  18. Which Alien film is the best?

    The title says it all. Which Alien film do you think is the best?
  19. Which Alien film is the best?

    Its enjoyable. Just don't expect anything serious or praiseworthy.
  20. Favourite musicals

    Hi all. I want to ask what your favourite musicals (e.g. Les Miserables and The Phantom Of The Opera) are and why, and have you ever seen a live musical. (Also, I posted this here because I couldn't find a sub-forum for this kind of thing).
  21. Three Words

    a giant bug
  22. 2018 Anniversaries

    September 8th 2018 will be 10th anniversary of Sons of Anarchy... (perfect time for Perlman to attend).
  23. The films you've seen, in 2017

    Death Note I thought it was ok. Not terrible, but not great either. There were many changes that I was not very happy with. Easily the best part of the film was Willam Defoe as Ryuk (it's just a shame he had barely any screen time).